Spring Cleaning Tips for the Lazy Girl

Today’s post has me literally laughing out loud. First of all, I hate cleaning. I am not that girl that loves finding new cleaning products, obsesses over the perfect vacuum (I don’t even own a vacuum) and I surely don’t consider myself domesticated. However – like most people around this time of year, I’ve started to feel so stuffy and just really unorganized in my apartment. I live in a loft so it’s a pretty open space which makes a tiny mess or dusty corner that much more noticeable. I work from home and the blogger packages tend to pile up and takeover my place so I either let it consume the space or I find a cheap cleaning service to help a girl out. But let’s be real. I’m not made of money and when it comes to spring cleaning, sometimes you just gotta take one for the team and knock it out four yourself.

To help kick off the season, I decided to round up a few of my spring cleaning tips for the girl that just can’t…which is probably most of us!

Make a list.

For me, spring cleaning is less about achieving dust-free shelves and shiny floors and more about de-cluttering my loft. To help keep me on track, I like to make a list of 5-7 things I absolutely need to tackle on my spring cleaning wish list. I write them down on a notepad and post it on my cork board and I also have it in a note on my phone. This helps me stay organized and who doesn’t love being able to cross something off the list once it’s all done!

Attack the closet first.

I’m talking mainly to my fellow bloggers and clothes hoarders out there. This is by far the biggest pain point for me when it comes to decluttering and spring cleaning. Every few months, I love going through my closet and reminiscing about some of my favorite pieces but I rarely get rid of anything. A good rule of thumb (for me) is get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the past year. You’d be surprised how many things you gravitate to out of habit. If It haven’t work it in the past year of various season, I’m not going to wear this next time around either. If I plan to tackle the closet first and make it a mission to purge at least a good percentage of items, it makes me feel that much more motivated to tidy up the rest of my place.

Shake Things Up.

One of my favorite ways to give my space a new look without breaking the bank is simply rearranging some of the décor around my place. Swapping out throw pillows or blankets, changing up the art and replacing candles or coffee table books are great ways to add fun new elements to your home. Spring cleaning for me is all about making my place feel new and bright. Giving my loft a mini facelift with the things already in my home is the perfect way to do this…and it’s free and easy.  

Send Help.

Like I mentioned before, I seriously hate the physical act of cleaning. Dusting, sweeping, getting mirrors and floorboards, etc….it’s like pulling teeth with me. Sure, I know how to tidy up In between serious cleanings but I just don’t like it and can’t bring myself to do it. So I reserve a tiny portion on my budget spreadsheet every 2-3 months to hire a cleaning service. I don’t spend a ton of money (usually try to stay under $100) but having a professional come in and give my place a deep clean after I’ve checked off the items on my own spring cleaning list is the perfect cherry topper to my sundae.

Do you have any spring cleaning tips for the lazy girl in all of us? Share below in the comments!


photos by Jnelly Photography


  1. 3.15.17

    Great tips lady! Your house looks fabulous.

    xo Laura Leigh

    • 3.15.17
      Lauren said:

      Thanks girl!!!

  2. 3.16.17
    ceecee said:

    Can I shop your closet please? Lol

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