Surving Black Friday with Shopular


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I don’t know about you guys but this time of year can be pretty stressful. Combine the extremely chilly weather and anxienty around getting the perfect gifts for friends & Family…sometime I just can’t deal. Lucky for me, and you if you are anything like me, Shopular is here to save the day. Shopular is the perfect app to find deals, sales, and coupons from your favorite retailers. Any app that helps me save money and time is definitely a winner in my book especially as I start yo make out my gift list this season.

Shopular sent over a Black Friday Survival Kit full of essentials to get anyone through the before & after craziness that is Blac Friday. So what’s in the kit? Keep reading for all of the deets.

Simbihaiti Hair Ties – These hair ties will definitely in handy to keep any loose hairs out of your way during Black Friday shopping. Additionally, Simbi Inc. supports a good cause, donating a part of their sales to Haitians.

Dearfoam Slippers – These are perfect for post shopping. Give your feet a little spa time by relaxing around the house with the coziest slippers ever. It is like walking on clouds… like seriously.

Foot Petal Insoles – Foot Petals are crucial for your feet during Black Friday shopping. I for one don’t want to be slown down by blisters and pain. Another updside? They also have other products that allow you to love your heels without the pain.

Crazy Rumors Lip Balm – Keep those lips moist during Black Friday shopping. Chap and crack lips are no fun, especially when you’re standing in long lines. Your lips will definitely thank you after for shielding it from the cold with Crazy Rumors lip balm – the peppermint flavor is just an added bonus.

Vermints – Keep your mouth feeling fresh throughout the night with these awesome organic mints.

Quest Nutrition Bars – Quest bars are both healthy and yummy, especially if you are running around all night you need the extra protein pick me up to keep going.

Cosmetic Boulevard Coffee Scrub – Post Black Friday wouldn’t be complete without treating yourself to a nice body scrub, and nothing is better than the popular coffee craze.

This post is sponsored by Shopular. Thank you for supporting the fabulous brands that keep Fashionably Lo’s door open!