Say Hello to Our New Floors!

I can’t believe the time has come. So pumped to finally share the reveal of our new floors!!!! Yes, this post deserves all of the exclamation points because it has been a long time coming. Truth be told, one of the things i disliked  most about the house when we came to look at for the first time was the flooring. I did not love it at all. The yellow undertone and warm shade of brown just wasn’t my vibe. However, because we were focusing on larger scale projects like repainting the entire house, replacing the carpet and renovating the kitchen, the updating the floors on the main level got pushed back. And man am I glad we waited because it was so worth it. 

The Before

The entire process was so much fun. The majority of the renovations we did with the house happened before we moved in so we weren’t really hands on at all. This time around, we got to be a part of the entire process from selection to installation and that was pretty cool for us. 

After browsing some of the options on Home Depot’s website, we knew pretty much right away that we wanted to keep engineered hardwood (that’s what we have now). The waterproof technology in the Sure+ brand of engineered hardwood sounded like too much of a good thing for us! In terms of color, we were a little all over the place. Did we want to go dark? Go lighter? I love that Home Depot has the option to order samples so that’s exactly what we did. Once we landed on the direction of an ashy  brown, we started by ordering a few samples Sure+ Waterproof Click Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Once we got the samples, we easily narrowed it down to the Fawn Brown Birch and Khaki Brown Oak shades. I did a quick poll on Instagram and the vote was unanimous – Fawn Brown Birch! And that just so happened to be the one we were leaning towards so it worked out perfectly. But, before I could place the order, I had to double, triple check that it was the vibe we wanted so I  created a quick mockup in Canva with an updated furniture layout – and, truth be told,  this is what sealed in the decision. 

We had the flooring picked out and got to work on everything else while we waited for delivery. We didn’t have many other updates we wanted to make to the space because we knew the floors would already be such an amazing change. BUT, one of the things I couldn’t wait to upgrade was our ceiling fan. Our original one wasn’t horrible but it just didn’t feel modern and I knew these new floors were going to totally transform the space into a more modern vibe. So, we swapped out our brown fan for this sleek black one and I am obsessed. 

We also decided to DIY some fun painted accent pieces. I bought charcoal, cream and terracotta paint along with some brushes and had a fun arts & crafts day. We painted vases, sculptures and even one of the end tables. I love how modern and chic they all turned out – from afar. Just don’t look too closely. Oops. 

And honestly, that was all we needed because other than the floors, the fan and the painted pieces, we didn’t really buy any new furniture (except for the dining room table we got from a friend). That’s how good these floors are. The just instantly transformed the space and elevated the pieces we already had. 

I am beyond please with how everything turned out. I can’t wait to cozy up with our new rug (love a pallette on the floor for movie night). It was such a great project to work on while we’ve been home the past few months and it has created the perfect cozy oasis for us to relax in as we approach the holidays. Now, if only I could convince Brandon to replace all of the carpet. Hey, a girl can dream. 

This post was written in collaboration with Home Depot. All thoughts & opinions are my own.