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I love a good smoothie, y’all. Throw in a little chocolate and some almond milk and I am so game. But let’s be real—there are a ton folks out there saying I should avoid both of those ingredients…because of the “C” word. Carrageenan. But guess what?! It’s not all bad news according to my friends at Food Science Matters. Believe it or not, carrageenan is definitely okay and safe. The process involves simply cooking seaweed with a little salt, adding a bit of alcohol and then mixing it in a household blender to release the natural carrageenan.

Fun Fact: Regulatory authorities around the world, including in the United States, Europe, China, Japan and Brazil, have found carrageenan safe for use in food.

A lot of food has carrageenan, including the almond milk and chocolate mix I use in today’s smoothie recipe! Check it out below, and if you have any yummy recipes incorporating products with carrageenan, sound off in the comments!

Healthy Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

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Almond Milk

Chocolate Milk

Splash of Iced Coffee

Uncooked Oatmeal

Cocoa Powder




Throw everything into a blender, pop in a cute straw and enjoy!

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About food science It makes food available for billions of people. It allows us to produce and transport products such as milk, juice or ice cream. It makes delicious foods we already have even better. Without it, we would have severe food shortages because we wouldn’t be able to preserve foods. Food items would be available only at the point of production.

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