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Back at it again with what is probably my favorite #REALationshipGoals post to date! We’ve shared everything from how we love to spend date night to how we battle it out over who picks up the check but today’s post is pretty a fun one! We asked #bae a few questions about our personal style because, well, we’re style bloggers. And while it might be true that we love to inspire all of our ladies out there, we also want the main men in our lives to be down with our wardrobe.

So here goes nothing! 

#FashionablyBae’s Take on Lauren’s Wardrobe:

Dresses or Jeans? Jeans but not her black jeans that I want to burn. And I like her dresses especially the tight ones.

Heels or Flats? Heels! I want to make love to her in them.

[from Lauren: Ummmmmm.]

Least favorite item of clothing/outfit she wears? The damn black/grey jeans. I want to shoot them, burn them and trash them.

[from Lauren: Apparently he seriously hates these jeans. Maybe that’s why I can’t find them anywhere! And by the way, they’re like a cool charcoal grey color… ]

What do you think she should wear more of? (What looks best on her?) Ripped jeans and heels…just not the black ones. The casual look is definitely more of my thing.

Fill in the blank: She has too many… clothes. And she never wears any of them! Her house looks like a department store with all the racks and I swear she wears the same three things.

Simply Sahir’s Guide to Sabrina’s Style:

Dresses or Jeans? There is nothing I love more than her in a summer dress.

Heels or Flats? Simply Heels. I feel it’s been a staple of Sabrina’s wardrobe since I’ve known her – she was the one in high school rockin’ 5″ heels to class.

Least favorite item of clothing/outfit she wears? Midi rings are still really weird to me. I mean, do you really need 12 small rings to fit on 3 fingers? Whenever she wear them I sneakily try to take them off and hide them in different spaces. I’m pretty sure there are 8 under the couch cushion.

[from Sabrina: I knew he would say that! You are not sneaky mister and I do notice! I’ve been looking for them everywhere. Time to check the couch!]

What do you think she should wear more of? (What looks best on her?) I like the athleisure, “I’m not trying, but look really cute” look. I have a hidden love for sneakers, so maybe some new flyknits as well 😉

[from Sabrina: He has seriously picked out every pair of sneakers that I own]

Fill in the blank: She has too much… Makeup! Every other day a sponsorship comes through the mail to hide that beautiful face. Not to mention she has 2 overflowing cabinets of brushes, pallets, and whatever the other makeup utensils are called.

[from Sabrina: lol. utensils.]

Nick’s Love Affair with Mae’s Style:

Dresses or Jeans? Well, I do love her in a dress. But I can’t get over her when she wears jeans and sneaks.

Heels or Flats? I don’t know. Both? I’m not tall, so I like that she’s so short that she can wear heels and still be shorter than me. So yeah, I usually prefer her in heels. Because…booty.

Least favorite item of clothing/outfit she wears? Off-the-shoulder, oversized dresses. I just don’t get them. And they’re difficult to photograph.

What do you think she should wear more of? (What looks best on her?) She wears a variety of different things and I like that she’s always changing it up. There’s not really anything I wish she’d wear that she doesn’t already, but I really like her in super casual looks. I love when she just wears jeans and a t-shirt. I look at her and think “yeah, there’s my girlfriend.”

Fill in the blank: She has too many… everything. Seriously, this girl has way too much of everything. Nail polish. Any cosmetics. Too many jeans. Too much underwear. Too many shoes. It might be time for a bigger house.

[ from Mae: heck yes! I’m all for that!]

Now it’s your turn! Shoot these questions over to your boo and let us know if you can share in any of these hilarious answers. Catch up on previous editions of REALationship Goals here & here. We are always thinking of the new topics for our series so if you have any ideas of topics we should cover next send us a tweet with #REALationshipGoalsQA!



  1. 10.21.16
    Caroline said:

    Oh my gosh I love this! I might have my Kendall do this!
    x0x0 Caroline http://thecarolove.com/

  2. 10.21.16
    Alyssa said:

    This is too funny! I know for a fact that my guy isn’t too keen on skinny jeans, but he’s okay with a straight cut. He also doesn’t love red lipstick, or anything eyelet. He doesn’t understand why something would have holes in it!

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