Prime Day, Baby

Okay. So I don’t typically cover big sales. I don’t shop online much and there are a ton of other bloggers out there creating truly EPIC guides to some of your favorite deals all year long – but today is different.

I LOVE Amazon Prime. That 1 or 2-day shipping is life. The fact that I can skip the store and just order what I need with one click, also life. I’ve been planning to do a post rounding up some of my favorite Amazon purchases and then realized Prime Day was happening so I figured I’d lump it all together!

These are legit the BEST things I’ve ordered on Amazon over the past few months. I use them every week if not every day and the best part, they were all under $30.

Rapid Egg Cooker

I love a good hardboiled egg but let’s be real, making the perfect one is tricky. Forget the hassle – this will save the day. Pop your raw eggs in this little machine, add water via the measuring cup, turn on and relax. The perfect HB eggs will be ready in no time.


Fabric Defuzzer

I posted about this on my Stories a few weeks ago and you guys seemed to be as obsessed with getting little fuzzies off your clothes as I am. This defuzzer is MAGIC for your leggings, sweaters, couches and everything in between. It is SO satisfying to watch and so easy to use.


Mini Steamer Iron

We purchased this mini steamer for our trip to Morocco and I now use it on every trip and even at home. Not only does this double as a steamer and iron combo but it’s also great for traveling internationally. Its already dual voltage so you just need an outlet adapter!



When I was looking for dumbbells to add to my home “gym”, these were the first pair I saw on Amazon. They’re the perfect size and come in different weight variations. I got the 10 and 15lbs and am going to scoop up the 5lbs next. Great for arm and leg days and even B uses them – but don’t tell him I told ya.


Sticky Bra/Nippies

I’ve been buying this nipple covers for two years now and eventually just started buying 5 at a time. They come in 2 different sizes and I do the large one because it fits more like a sticky bra vs a nipple cover and it offers a little more coverage. They’re great for backless dresses, plunging tops and don’t slip off. Win win.



Ok so this one is slightly over $30 but SO worth it. If I’m not baking my protein for meal prep days, I’m using this little grill to get the job done. We still don’t have a grill on our patio but I love a grill mark on my chicken so this is the best way to get that yummy taste! And the clean up is so easy – pop the tray and the grill plates in the dishwasher. Done!


Shop more Amazon Prime Day favorites below!

Photos by Hannah Lozano