Polar Ignite

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx on behalf of Polar.

When it comes to a workout routine, there are very few things that I think someone needs. I’m a firm believer in moving your body however you can – whether it’s an actual workout, going for a walk or dancing in your kitchen. That part is up to you and you do NOT need expensive equipment or an expensive membership to get that body moving. Now, if I could encourage you to invest in one thing, it would be a fitness watch. You might be asking yourself – what do I need a fitness watch? I was right there without. I waited for a while before finally trying out a few – and I’ve tried them all. But after testing out the Polar Ignite 2 fitness watch for a few weeks, I can happily say I am a fan – and I know you will be, too. 

Sleek, stylish and super easy to use, the Polar Ignite 2 is a fully customizable fitness watch complete with smart features. Think wrist-based heart monitoring for cardio & HIIT workouts,  personal training guidance, sleep tracking (because we all know how much I like to push for solid sleep) and integrated GPS for those times when you want to take your run and walking workouts outdoors. Don’t even get me started on the music controls (check out my dance playlists here) and push notifications. 

I love the Champagne color but I also kinda want to add the Black Pearl and Storm Blue to my fitness wardrobe! In addition to different band options, you can choose from a variety of accessory bands, including a crystalized band option with real Swarovski® Crystals. Yeah – they went there. You can also change the watch face to match your current mood and feel confident in any situation.  

So far, I’ve found that the watch elevates my ability to track my workouts & activity. It helps me set goals, monitor my progress in terms of heart rate, endurance and effort and with a stylish band, I don’t mind wearing it with regular day to day looks.