February Beauty Picks

PG February -3

Can anyone else believe it’s almost March? I feel like I say this every month, but I just don’t know where the time goes. How are we already two months into 2016? I promise this year is going to fly by before I can catch up!

Now that we are officially less than a month away from Spring (fingers crossed it comes on time), Atlanta weather is kinda all over the place. One day it’s raining. One day temps are in the low 60s. And one day it’s completely freezing and windy and no bueno for the ‘do. I honestly can’t wait for some consistency and I’m hoping it comes with spring. But until then, I’ve finally gotten down the perfect hair + skincare routine to keep me in line.

A combo of the perfect moisturizing conditioner, a super powerful deodorant that’s also invisible (holla) and a hydrating + skin firming face moisturizer that gets all my praises. Read about ‘em below and enter for a chance to a win your own set of these goodies. Have you tried any of my go-to’s? If so, what’s your experience been like! Or how do you plan to use these products to battle this almost winter/almost spring weather? Leave a comment below…because we’re giving away TEN bundles!!

Olay MicroSculpting Cream SPF 30

PG February -6

This stuff is a total must-have for protecting your skin against harmful UVA/UVE rays – which by the way, are still around even in this Atlanta gloominess. The best part? You still get the same anti-aging and hydrating benefits as before. Did I mention this miracle in a bottle also instantly reduces the appearance of lines? Something I’ve noticed is way more apparent on my skin when the weather is off or my skin gets too dry.  

Secret Outlast Xtend Invisible Solid
PG February -9

Lately, it’s been chilly one day and warm the next. Call it the Atlanta heat/humidity/wishy-washy weather, but I find myself getting these random waves of sweat (the thing no one wants to talk about). It happens. And it’s okay. Especially when I have Secret’s new Invisible Solid deodorant. The new Xtend Technology has a patented active enhancer that adheres directly to your skin to help stop odor before it starts. Um, hello. Where have you been all my life?!

Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Conditioner

PG February -8

I’ve share my love for this stuff in the past – it is by far one of my favorite conditioners for adding hydration back to my curly locks. And good news! The Pantene conditioners just received a formula upgrade, allowing your hair to go past ‘the cutting point’ or the point where our locks typically look and feel damaged. Can I get a amen? This new formula targets weak spots along the length of the hair, repairing and preventing damage sooner. Everything I need for stronger hair.

PG February -2