I’m Certified!

Holy moly, batman. I can’t believe I’m writing this.

I am an ACE® Certified Personal Trainer. Eek!

Many of you have followed along throughout my fitness journey over the past year. So first of all, thank you. A few months ago, I realized that my passion for fitness + body love was something I wanted to share with as many women as possible so I launched The Fit Guides. A series of affordable fitness resources meant to inspire, empower and challenge you. And guess what, you guys seemed to love them as much as I did.

Through that process, I realized that although I’ve learned a lot from trial and error and my own experiences over the past year, I wanted to know even more about how our bodies work. So, I decided to get my certification in personal training.

Let me tell you, this was nothing short of a challenge. I started studying in January and just took my exam last week. I’ve always been a good student but when you toss in a subject matter that consists of a whole of science and anatomy – it’s hard. But this was something I’ve felt pretty passionate about and I knew that if I wanted to continue to help more women, I needed the knowledge to back it up. And I freaking did it!

So, what now?

The question I got from every single person after I told them the news. I would love to eventually teach classes or work with women one on one but the thing that has me most excited is what’s happening NOW. The launch of @laurenelycefit. I love sharing fitness content with you guys here on the blog and on my IG but it was time to create a platform I could dedicate 100% to offering fitness + wellness inspiration. So get ready for new workout videos, tips + motivation, body love inspiration, recipes and so much more.

In addition to the launch of this new Instagram account, I decided to launch a ton of other really exciting and helpful fitness resources tailored to YOU.

The Fit Guide Vol. 4: Nutrition, Macros & Calories

The Fit Guide Vol. 4 was created to not only educate you on the basics of nutrition and fueling your body for your goals but it’s also meant to get you back in a healthy and positive mindset when it comes to food. We’ve all been there. Crash diets, detoxes, minimal calories. Guess what? You don’t have to starve yourself to trim fat or gain lean muscle. The Fit Guide Vol. 4 will help you understand the proper fuel (calories) and macros (nutrients) you need to work towards your goals!

The Fit Guide Vol. 4 Includes:

  • Introduction to nutrition, calories and macros
  • Calories 101 – using calories as fuel instead of restrictions
  • Macros 101 – what they are, why you need them and how they impact your goals
  • Formulas to calculate your resting metabolic rate, calorie maintenance level and macro breakdowns for your specific goals of muscle gain, fat loss or maintenance.
  • Tutorial for setting your goals and tracking your macros/calories in My fitness Pal
  • This is not a diet or meal plan but instead will give you all of the information you need to accurately calculate the fuel your body needs for your specific goals. No more restricting ourselves or living with an overly structured diet. You got this!
click here to pre order the fit guide vol. 4 for $10!

The Fit Guide Vol. 5: Interval Training

The Fit Guide Vol. 5 is your ultimate guide to interval training. No more using cardio to punish yourself or burn off that extra donut. We’re flipping the script and using cardio to have fun, get stronger and keep our booties moving. 

The Fit guide Vol. 5 Includes: 

  • Intro to interval training – why it’s important and the benefits of interval training compared to other forms of cardio
  • 10 individual HIIT workouts you can do from home complete with video tutorials, ranging from 16 to 24 minutes
  • 20 minute treadmill workout with video tutorials
  • 25 minute stairmaster workout with video tutorials
  • 4 Week Interval Training Plan pairing the HIIT + machine workouts with a sample weight training plan

click here to pre order the fit guide vol. 5 for $15!

Custom One on One Coaching

Whether you’re looking for a new best friend (that’s me!) or just looking for a little more coaching to help you achieve your fitness goals, I got you. With a completely hands on approach, my one-on-one coaching is built to assess your fitness level + goals so we can create a custom 8 week training plan designed to give you superpowers. Yeah, I said it.

As a coaching client, you will receive:

  • An 8 week training plan tailored to your goals
  • Your 8 week workout plan will include a 4 week split. Each week will include 5 workout days and 2 rest days
  • Each workout will include video tutorials with suggested reps, sets and weight/resistance
  • If you do not have access to a gym, no worries! You will need access to dumbbells
  • Custom macro + calories breakdown aligned with your goals of fat loss, muscle gain or maintenance
  • Note: this does not include a structured meal plan but in addition to your tailored macros/calorie breakdown you will also receive general nutrition guidance, recipe ideas and access to the #laurenelycefit recipe library.
  • 24/7 support and guidance
  • Weekly check ins via email to track progress and adjust plan
click here to get your custom plan for $75

all photos by Naomi Hopkins


  1. 8.5.19
    Jessica Camerata said:

    I am SO very proud of you! This is such an exciting launch and I think you’re going to help SO many women.


    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  2. 8.5.19
    Ashleigh said:

    Aye!! That’s amazing, congrats! 🙂

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