#NSALE Picks for the Fit Chick

Kicking off the week with some FITSPO c/o of our friends over at the #NSALE! Fashionably Bae and I are starting our second round of Whole 30 today – so I need all of the motivation I can get. Nothing makes me want to work out more or be healthier like some new gear for the gym. Now, to be clear, I’m doing Whole 30(ish). I’m still going to have an occasional coffee/dirty chai. I’m still going to drink a glass of wine very now and then. And while I’m itraveling over the next few weeks (Charleston for TBSCON and Disneyworld), I’m going to probably break the rules — BUT, I’m going to at least stick to the healthiest things I can find. I’m doing this to jumpstart some overall healthy lifestyle changes and this is what works best for me. If you want to join in, let me know and I can send you my plan and what worked best for me last go ’round! 

And if you aren’t interested or already have something workin for ya, we can at least all get our shop on for some new fit gear. Let’s do it! 



You can also shop the rest of my #NSALE picks over this way >> Click here! 


  1. 8.1.16
    kameisha Johnson said:

    Hi. I’m interested in your whole 30ish plan :). Please email. Thanks!

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