NEW 2021 Lauren Elyce Fit Guides

I can’t believe that it’s almost been two years since I got my personal training certification. Never in a million years would I have thought that would be in my plan. But, after pursing my own wellness journey and helping other women find their own path, I realized my growing passion and interest in the body/fitness and a new business was born: Lauren Elyce Fit.

Since getting my certification and starting my fitness business, I’ve helped hundreds of women move their bodies, embrace their bodies, celebrate their bodies and LOVE their bodies. And we’re just getting started!

I am so excited to announce the launch of FIVE BRAND NEW LAUREN ELYCE FIT WORKOUT PLANS. No matter what equipment you have access to or the level you’re starting at, there is quite literally something for everyone. The best part? You can do each of these plans from home or any place you enjoy working out (on the road, at a gym, at your mother in law’s, etc.).

Meet the NEW! Lauren Elyce Fit Workout Plans

Each Lauren Elyce Fit Workout Plan Includes:

  • An affordable price point of only $19.99
  • Home friendly workouts
  • Free unlimited access to all future live workouts (at least one per week!) + the links to all recorded sessions in case you miss one
  • App access + an instant download PDF with the program and plan details

8 Week Training Program ft. Resistance Bands

Get ready to meet your goals with this epic 8 week training program. All you need is a set of resistance bands and that strong body of yours for this fun workout plan that combines full-body moves with cardio and strength training.

Equipment Needed: Resistance bands

8 Week Training Program ft. Booty Bands

All you need for this program is a set of booty bands. And don’t worry – you’ll be working more than just the booty. Get ready to have fun and challenge your body with this one small piece of equipment! Build muscle, lose fat & increase your endurance with this program. 

Equipment Needed: Booty Bands

8 Week Training Program ft. Aerobic Step

We might be using an aerobic step but this workout plan covers EVERYTHING: strength training, cardio, full body moves and more. It is one of the most challenging plans I’ve built and it is SO MUCH FUN! 

Equipment Needed: Aerobic Step

8 Week Training Program ft. NO Equipment

Get ready for a challenging workout plan using just your amazing body! You’ll build strong, lean muscle while increasing endurance and burning fat. And, in case ya missed it, you don’t need any equipment! 


8 Week Training Program ft. Dumbbells

A brand new dumbbells only workout program to get you back to the basics…with an anything but basic 8 weeks of fat burning, strength building workouts!