My Morning Routine with Nespresoo

Nespresso Vertuoline Morning Routine_-13

It should be no surprise that I am an avid coffee lover. In the morning, for an afternoon snack, hot, iced, with espresso, with chai tea…I mean the list goes on. No matter the time, the way it’s served or where I get it, I love me some coffee. But i have to say, I think my favorite way to enjoy a good cup of coffee is in the morning before I start the hustle of my day. 

When I can make it happen, I like to wake up for an early workout, brew a cup of coffee with my Nespresso Vertuoline and tackle my daily blog and Adorn to-do list before heading into the office. Again, this is my goal but it happens realistically about 2-3 times per week and when it does, the coffee is what really does the trick.

Nespresso recently launched and added two new roasts to their collection: the Solelio and Giornio! These two large-cup Grands Crus are light and medium in intensity, providing coffee lovers like me with a variety of options to suit every coffee moment. Whether I need that extra punch or just looking for something smooth to get me through a 5am wake up call, I keep these pods in heavy rotation throughout the week. 

I typically top my coffee at home with hot almond milk (LOVE Califia Farms) made in my Aeroccino milk frother. I’ll sprinkle in some sugar or a few pumps of sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup for a sweet finish and then sit back with my laptop and to-do list and get to workin’. 
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How do you start your mornings? How do you take your coffee? Thinking of adding a Nespresso Vertuoline to your at-barista moments? Sound off in the comments! 




photos by Jnelly Photography