My Skincare Secret Weapon…

I cannot believe the wedding is in less than one week! I’ve been in full-on bride prep for the past few weeks and a huge part of that has been focusing on a solid skincare routine. Not only do I want to be glowing for all the photos but I also want to feel my best and not rely on an overload of makeup – you guys know I love a natural, dewy look for all occasions. To be honest, I plan to go pretty much makeup free for the duration of my honeymoon. 

A huge part of this new routine of mine has been my new go-to Rosewater & Rosewater Glycerin by Heritage Store. Not only are both products under $10 at Walmart but they each feature clean, minimal ingredients (plant based, too!) and a heavenly rose scent that instantly calms me down. I’m hooked. 

I use the Rosewater throughout the day whenever I need a refreshing boost. The Rosewater Glycerin has been my nighttime skincare staple. After I cleanse and moisturize my face, I use this spritz for an added boost of hydration. 

If you’re not familiar with Heritage Store, I need you to listen up. You guys know how much I love affordable and accessible skincare and this brand is at the top of my list. Available at Walmart, Heritage Store has been the leader of soul-to-skin beauty since 1969. Clean and nature-inspired with minimal ingredients – which you KNOW I love. Their Rosewater reawakens skin and is a mood booster, not to mention it’s an OG in the skincare space (it’s even beloved by celebs and make-up artists so you know it’s gooooood). 

Head to your local Walmart store and get in on this awesome product line because I promise you’ll love it as much as I do! 

This post was written in collaboration with Heritage Store. All thoughts & opinions are my own.