Making Strides


making-strides-atl-2making-strides-atl-11making-strides-atl-8making-strides-atl-1making-strides-atl-13making-strides-atl-12making-strides-atl-10 making-strides-atl-15 making-strides-atl-14 If you follow along on Snapchat, you saw that I joined my #squad for the American Cancer Making Strides Walk in Piedmont Park on Saturday. To say it was incredible experience would be a true understatement. I’ve been planning our team’s participation for a little over a month now, doing lots of research about Making Strides, breast cancer research and survivor stories to soak in all that I could before we hit the pavement. To see it all come to life this weekend was pretty amazing. There were SO many supporters who came out and we met so many awesome women. We met survivors, families of those who passed away, women who are currently in the fight – they were all there for one cause and it was definitely an experience we will all cherish for some time. 

This weekend’s walk also hit pretty close to home. Find out why in the video below – and if you or your loved ones have been impacted by breast cancer, I’d love to hear your story below (in the comments)!

Find a walk near you! And click here to learn more & join the fight against breast cancer. 

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