Lunch Date: Taking a Break to Just TALK

It’s so interesting to me how meals can be more than just good food and good drinks. Now don’t get me wrong – I love to eat. I love trying new food and new hot spots and sippin’ all the boozy cocktails. But I realized over the past few weeks just how impactful some of the meals I’ve had with friends + family have been.

Let me explain.

I’ll start with another trip down memory lane, #TBSCon edition. I’ve shared probably too many posts to count about my obsession with relationship building, networking, etc. but I can’t say it enough – forming bonds with people who I now consider really great friends has been my favorite part of blogging to date.

When Mae, Sabrina and I were in Chicago, literally the first place we went after we landed was to The Hampton Social. Not only is this one of the most instagrammed spots in Chicago…but it was also the setting for one of the most real conversations I’ve had with these two ladies.

Again. Let me explain.

We didn’t dish any dramatic secrets, divulge all of this bottled up frustration, cry or yell or really do anything too exciting (except sip on all the rose slushies. That shit was bomb). What we did do though was just talk. We didn’t talk about blogging. We didn’t talk about what we were wearing to the conference. We didn’t talk about how much Instagram ahs been sucking lately. We just talked about life and normal real-life stuff. And it was amazing. As three bloggers – I think I can speak for all three of us when I say those conversations rarely happen, especially when you’re amongst other bloggers.

We nestled into our little corner of the restaurant, ordered all the carbs and just caught up with each other. To be honest, I probably couldn’t tell you one specific thing that stood out from the conversation other than the fact that we just had a really good one. It was something I haven’t really done in a while and it was so refreshing.

It got me thinking about some of the other meals I’ve had with friends or family over the past few weeks and has 100% made me more intentional in the conversations I have with the people in my life. We tend to get so bogged down in talks of business, problems in the world, money, etc. rather than spending more time talking about the wins of our day, the places we want to explore, the adventures we’re meant to go on and all of the fluffier parts of our lives that keep us sane and human.

Honestly, so many of those conversation are had around a dinner table or corner of the bar or patio setup. It’s the food and the drinks and the conversation that bring us together. I’m making it my mission to bring some of that “getting to know you” mentality back to my relationships. So here goes nothing.



  1. 8.22.17
    jessica said:

    I love this! We definitely talk WAY too much about work (but it’s fun work at least!). Love the concept of being more intentional with talks over meals. Now when are we going to upbeet to just chat?!?!?

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

    • 8.22.17
      Lauren said:

      girl – you know I am ALWAYS down for a lunch date!! Let’s go stat!

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