Girl, Put the Phone Down

We live in a world where our phones are a true lifeline. I don’t know about you, but it’s SO hard to disconnect. From texting to checking emails to scrolling through Instagram (don’t even get me started with Netflix and Hulu binges) – you might as well glue my hand to the case.

Ever since the new Screen Time feature popped up on my iPhone, I’ve been lowkey embarrassed. So, I’m officially putting my phone down.

Or at least trying to be more aware of how much time I’m actually spending connected to this little device.

You hear about kids getting minimal screen time. I think it’s about time us adults start putting it to practice, too. I’m only a week in but I thought I’d share a few of the things that seem to be working for me. Not only am I enjoying my time away from my phone but I’m getting so much other shit done. Like work and reading and spending time with Brandon. Who knew!

3 Tips for Decreasing Phone Time

  1. Instagram Blocks. I talked about this on Stories a few weeks ago and drew some inspiration from my friend Jessica – but I started blocking of time on my calendar for Instagram and my life has forever been changed. When IG plays a huge part in your job, it’s easy to spend hours every day scrolling, engaging, researching. It’s exhausting and can lead to lots and lots of comparison. I now block out a 30 minute window in the morning to post and engage, a 30 minute window around lunch for engagement on my own content and to connect with followers/friends and a 30 minute window in the evening to post and wrap up engagement. Rather than randomly checking my phone when I’m “bored” or have some down time, by limiting my IG time to these little blocks has saved me so much stress!
  2. Weekend Breaks. This is the hardest for me to do but I’m giving it a shot. Unless I have a project or campaign running over the weekend, I will be deleting Instagram from my phone every Friday afternoon and leaving it deleted until Sunday night. Not that I do much on the weekends but I want to give myself the freedom to enjoy the time with family and friends (or my lazy, snuggly bed) without feeling the need to share and post and catch up with what everyone else is doing.
  3. Weekly FUN List. This one might be my favorite so far. At the start of every week, my plan is to make a mini list of 2-3 fun things I want to do that week. Recreational activities, if you will. This week, I want to read my new book, spend some time at the pool and beat Brandon at Monopoly. By dedicating some of my free time to these activities automatically takes away from the time I’d usually spend on my phone.

Photos by Hannah Lozano