New Site, New Content. Who Dis?

Before you say it – today’s post title is basic AF. But I love it because today is a pretty big day for I mean, where do we even start? I’ve been living by the mantra “change is good: for the past few months and it’s all starting to take shape right here on my own little corner of the web. Before I jump into all of the details, let me give you a little background.


The Identity Crisis

As many of you know (unless you’re brand new to the blog), I rebranded to back in June. There were a lot of reasons for this change but for the most part, I was starting to feel like I was outgrowing Fashionably Lo. What started as a fashion-only blog with a heavy focus on budget-friendly finds, this blog has evolved into so much more since the launch almost five years ago. While I will continue to always bring you affordable price points, my interests have grown beyond just fashion. I’m doing more lifestyle content, more travel, more career/boss talk and even getting a little more personal with some of my content. I also hope to one day be able to share stories around my family and home and Fashionably Lo just didn’t encompass all of that for me. So, was born. It’s my name. Pretty simple and pretty basic but it’s me and that’s what I want this blog to reflect. The ins and outs of the things I’m most passionate about all while providing my readers a resources to fashion, travel, living and more (on the low $$).










the new design

Can we all just take a moment to give a slow clap to my girl Megan. If you don’t already know, Megan and I are business partners at Adorn Media Group – but damn we are so much more. This lady was one of my first blogging besties and I feel so blessed to have a woman like her in my life. Not only does she keep me in check and is constantly dropping major blogging knowledge 24/7, but she is a badass web designer. When I started the rebrand for my blog and my business, I knew that a new site experience was on the top of my priority list. I immediately turned to Megan. I had a long wish list paired with tons of inspiration and somehow Megan just made it come to life. Now granted, I sent her about 10000 emails and we created several versions (I’m a little indecisive at times) but we finally landed on something I couldn’t be more proud of.

I want this blog to be so much more than just a scroll of outfit photos. I want it to be a true resource for my readers. Whether you’re looking for style tips, recipes and home decor inspiration , travel guides or just general career/personal advice, consider this your home base. This new design is a lot more interactive and offers more content is a format that I think is a little more digestible. You can check out the latest post, scroll down for some of my favorite inspirations, shop the items I can’t live without and bookmark the content you want to come back to later. You’ll also see a few more fun surprises as you start to go through content. I am obsessed with the “tweet it” feature (just have to figure out how to turn it one – megan help!) and my new travel guide launching in a few weeks is going to blow your minds.

Play around with a few things and let me know what you think! I want all of the honest feedback I can get so I can make sure my little corner of the web is helpful for YOU.

A New Approach to Content

This might be the change I was the most hesitant about. Since starting my blog almost five years ago, I have published a new blog post every. single. day. That’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and some weekends Now sure, there were a few days here and there that I missed – I’m not perfect. But for the most part, I just fell into a rhythm of posting every single weekday. And y’all, it has been exhausting. As much as I love coming up with new ideas and new content to share with you, I started to notice over the past few months that I wasn’t putting as much into each post as I could. I was scrambling to hit publish and my content was taking a hit. I mean, do you guys really need five outfits a week with 2-3 sentences about why I wore a leather jacket with jeans? I think not.

Change is-a-coming. Starting today, you can expect three to four new blog posts each week. These posts will still cover a range of topics including outfits + shopping guides, travel content, general living like home + recipes, beauty videos and even more personal content like career tips, life updates and much much more. The only difference – all of this content will be 100x more intentional. Think more storytelling, more thought out photos and more interaction.

In addition to better blog content, I will be releasing special content every Friday exclusively for newsletter subscribers. The first newsletter went out last Friday and it was all about the things I wish people would’ve told me about NYFW. If you missed it or you aren’t already signed up for the newsletter, shoot me an email or sign up here and I’ll make sure it gets to you! In the future, expect to see comprehensive guides (style + travel), special product round ups, fun living content, REAL conversations and more. Oh, and maybe a few exclusive videos just for subscribers!

By the way in case you didn’t know, you now have the option to subscribe to up to four newsletter options:

  1. Daily Post Updates: basically that day’s blog post in short form sent straight to your inbox
  2. Weekly Sales + Favorite Products: pretty much self explanatory, and will only be distributed when I find a good sale or products I can’t live without
  3. Exclusive Style + Lifestyle content: the Friday posts tailored just for subscribers. These will be easy-to-digest blog posts in newsletter format which basically means shorter and to the point!
  4. Monthly Outfit Roundup + Blog Updates: sharing some of my favorite shoppable looks from the month along with monthly giveaways, exciting new updates for the blog and more.




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Whew. Well I think that’s everything. If you made it through the end of this post – congrats! I’m so excited for all of these changes and I hope it got you a little excited too. Change doesn’t have to be scary. In my opinion, it is by far the best thing when it comes to your brand. A little refresh can do wonders for engagement, brand collabs and much MUCH more. And to be honest, I think readers start to sort of expect this evolution from content creators. No one like stale content. Change it up. Do what makes you happy. And share that shit with the world!

See something you liked above or does this new evolution of have you just as excited as me? Tweet it out and spread the word! 




  1. 9.19.17
    Kim Pincombe-Cole said:

    Congrats! The new site looks gorgeous!!!

    • 9.19.17
      Lauren said:

      Thank you, Kim!!

  2. 9.19.17
    Kate said:

    Loving your graphic tee!

    • 9.19.17
      Lauren said:

      Thank you!!

  3. 9.19.17

    Love your new site name and shirt!

  4. 9.19.17
    Rach said:

    I love the new layout and I love the re-branding! I am so excited to see what you will share with us!

  5. 9.21.17
    Elise said:

    Love the new site! This look is great and not basic at all! Love the graphic tee and OTK boots !

    xx, Elise

  6. 10.2.17
    anna said:

    the new layout is beautiful. but the narrow, small, light letters on the bright white background are very hard to read…

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