Instagram Round Up: Vol 1

So this is the first time trying out this whole Instagram round-up idea. Let me know what you think! My thoughts here are that maybe you don’t get around to checking your instagram everyday (because you’re not a crazy social media addict like me) or maybe you’re just not following @fashionably_lo yet…either way, I hope this is helpful and you get some new goodies based on some of my must haves that haven’t made a debut on the blog yet.  

Happy shopping!

[hover over the item and click the ‘money spot’ to shop directly from the image or click through the links below]


Lace Bodysuit | Lace Briefs | Lace Bra | Quilted Bag |Boyfriend Jeans | Dark Wash Jeans | Black Sweater | Daniel Wellington Watch | Beige Heels Olive Blouse Ivory Sweater | Black Jeans | Beige Heels  | Camel Coat | Crosley Record Player


  1. 2.17.16
    Emma said:

    Your instagram feed is so amazing.

  2. 2.18.16
    Maggie said:

    Love this!! I need some of those nail polish colors!

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