Ibiza Travel Diary

We’ve been back for two full days now and I can safely say I’m ready to go back. If you follow along on Instagram, you saw that B and I traveled to Spain and Portugal with a huge group of our friends to celebrate his belated 30th birthday. To say we had the time of our lives would be such an understatement but I can also attest to the fact that I am 100%, totally, completely drained. Ten days of traveling, partying, dancing, exploring, eating, drinking, NOT sleeping…it can take a toll. But I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I started to receive a ton of questions and DMs about our trip, what we did, what I wore, tips, etc. Although I didn’t capture a ton of “high quality, blog-style” content, I thought I’d share some of my favorite highlights and our itinerary for each city just in case anyone was planning an upcoming trip or looking for some travel inspiration.

So without further ado, up first we have Ibiza.

You might remember that I went to Ibiza last summer for a few days tacked on a trip to Barcelona. I got a little taste and knew I needed to bring Brandon back. He loves EDM, parties, beaches and nonstop excitement so obviously the party capital of Europe made our itinerary.

Because we went with a huge group and we were celebrating a few birthdays, we decided to make our stay in Ibiza party-focused. There wasn’t a ton of time for relaxing beachside so just to be clear, the itinerary below is definitely for the traveler looking for a little excitement. I will say that while we didn’t go this time around, I highly suggest takin a day trip to Formentera or renting a boat for the day to unwind after a night of dancing!

Get Ready to Dance
  • Ocean Beach Day Party: if you’re looking for a Vegas-style pool party x 10000, go to Ocean Beach. We booked for Sunday which is apparently the best day to go and I can see why. A huge pool, an amazing DJ, a kicka$$ dancefloor, tons of people, flowing drinks. What’s not to love? We tried booking daybeds/sections about two months in advance and it was completely sold out so if you are planning on going and want your own daybed, lounger or VIP section, make sure you book way in advance!
  • IBZ Boat Party: this was the very first thing we did in Ibiza and it did not disappoint. Brandon originally wanted us to rent a private boat charter for the day but that idea got shot down real fast when we realized we weren’t Beyoncé and Jay Z. So, instead, our group bought tickets for a boat party. As the kids would say, it was LIT. Our tickets included unlimited drinks, paella and pizza and of course the party was complete with water sports, a DJ, dance floor, tons of new friends and drinking games.
  • Ushuaia: my girls and I went to Ushuaia while I was in Ibiza last year and I still think that night is Top 3 best nights of my life. This time around at Ushuaia made Top 2. Ushuaia is a huge hotel/club/concert venue/beach cub. Every Monday night during the summer, David Guetta has residency at Ushuaia and I knew I had to put this on our list for Brandon (seriously, he LOVES his music). Because I knew how crowded it gets and because we had such a large group, we decided to splurge on a VIP section for the night. This was definitely the most expensive thing we did on the trip but it was so worth it. Pretty much unlimited bottles, VIP access, exclusive bathrooms (this came in clutch), branded SWAG and well, who doesn’t love to be in VIP every now and then. We literally danced for five hours straight. I wore sequin hot pants. Brandon wore sunglasses that lit up. We drank maybe a little too much. It was truly one of the best nights I think any of us ever had – definitely a highlight!
  • : this is massive nightclub across the street from Ushuaia. With the purchase of our boat party tickets, we were granted free access one night and decided to check it out. There is huge dance floor where the main DJ plays and then a ton of other rooms and outdoor areas with different music and bars. We ended up going back another night for hip-hop night and it was so much fun dancing and getting a little break from techno.
Get Ready to Eat
  • Amante: I decided to wake up a little earlier one day while the group decided to sleep in. Amante was recommended to me a few times and after looking it up on Instagram (soooo photogenic), I couldn’t wait to check it out. I ended up lounging on one of their bean bags, going down to the quiet public beach, getting a massage and then grabbing lunch. I ordered a delish pasta situation and their watermelon mojito and stlll think this was one of the best meals of my entire trip. Get ready for the best view, the best vibes and honestly the best décor ever. And get your IG camera ready.
  • Pearl: Brandon and I decided to break away from the group for a little day-date before heading to Ocean Beach for the day party. We winded up at Pearl, the restaurant right next door. Sitting on the patio overlooking the water, we shared sangria, had a healthy lunch and just relaxed. It was the perfect casual setting we needed before a crazy night. The food was amazing (I got the kale salad) and the view was perfect.
Get Ready to Explore
  • Call a Cab: spoiler – there are no Ubers in Ibiza. We got a number for a taxi service and just gave ourselves a 10-15 minute window before leaving the house to call a taxi. Most of them did accept credit cards in addition to euro and catching one once we got closer to the nightlife was way easier.
  • San Antoni: Our house was a little further out in San Antoni but we liked the privacy and the fact that we could get a large enough house to fit all 14 of us. Ocean Beach and Pearl were located about five minutes away and there were a few restaurants we could walk too (10-15 minutes).
  • Playa d’en Bossa: this is where the majority of the best clubs are located. The beach here is also super popular and great for exploring. Our house was about 20 minutes by car. When I visited last year, we stayed at the Hard Rock here and if you’re planning to spend most of your time on this side of town, I’d recommend staying here.

Have any questions or need tips on where to go/what to do? Comment below or shoot me an email!




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    Sounds like it was a blast!!
    I love Amante and Ushuaia is always a fun time! Happy birthday to Brandon!

  2. 8.15.18
    Tabitha said:

    Great post! Ibiza looks gorgeous, and you look great in these pictures! Now I have the travel bug lol!


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