How We Combined Our Styles

I can’t believe we are officially done decorating the new house – whew. It feels so good to be able to sit back and relax and just take it all in.

Fun fact: we sold all of our furniture before we moved in. I got rid of most of my stuff when I moved in with B over the summer and when we made the decision to leave Brandon’s bachelor pad, I sort of encurage Brandon to get rid of his stuff too. Let’s be real – boys don’t know how to take care of stuff.

This meant we were starting from scratch. Before we started buying furniture, we spent a lot of time trying to figure out what our style was. I’m typically drawn to all things neutral and modern and minimal. Brandon only had two wishes. One – he wanted to avoid an overly girly house. Two – he wanted color. I’ll go ahead and warn you I didn’t really accomplish request #2.

Ater lots and lots of scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration, we landed on this pretty cool combination of modern, minimal and masculine. Those are the three words that I kept in mind when buying every piece of furniture.

We had the opportunity to collaborate with ARHAUS on our living room and I couldn’t wait to put our decor strategy to use. Just like with every other room, I wanted to start out with neutral pieces. I immediately fell in love with this sofa and knew it would be the perfect blank canvas for the rest of the space. With everything being in the neutral color palette (sorry babe), I knew we needed lots of textures and patterns to create a cozy and inviting space. Because I wasn’t planning to add much color, I figured this would be the best solution. We opted for these slightly boho inspired throw pillows and a sleek lamp + martini table to add a touch of glam without going overly feminine.

From there, it was all about finding accent pieces that tied it all together. I found that browns, tans, greys and blacks were the best color options to achieve that midcentury modern meets masculine feel. And then to warm things up, you’ll see lots of creams and, faux fur and greenery.

I absolutely love how the living room and the rest of the house turned out and although it took us a while to figure out what our combined style was, it was so much fun decorating a house together. I sort of want to do it again!


pier sofa | black + gold lamp | agate martini table | hide pillow | tassel pillow

Photos by Shelby Gordon 


  1. 12.10.18
    Tabitha said:

    This is beautiful! I love how you combined your styles and created a minimalistic look. I’m afraid who i ever I’m with will have to put up with lots of pink lol!


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