How to Get the Perfect Red Lip

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Its red carpet season and that means discovering new beauty trends and inspirations. I have found the ultimate beauty tool to help us achieve all of those dramatic and awe-worthy looks: Q-tips Precision Tips. Not only are these little guys super convenient (can fit in your clutch) they also are so soft and gentle – way better than those overpriced makes up brushes.

One of my favorite things about the Q-tips Precision Tips is the tapered end that makes it super easy to achieve a detailed look. Take a bold red lip for example. Something we have seen on the red carpet time and time again. It’s such a classic look and perfect for any glam occasion. But if you’re anything like me, it can also get messy or disheveled (why is red so difficult) so I was pleasantly surprised to see how perfect the Q-tips Precision Tips were for getting a clean and fresh application.

Fashionably Lo Q Tips Precision Tips  (1 of 21)

Fashionably Lo Q Tips Precision Tips  (2 of 21)

Keep reading below for a quick step-by-step tutorial for the perfect red lip  and for more beauty ideas and inspiration along with the best quick fixes, make sure you check out Q-Tips’ Pinterest boards!

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  1. Start with a clean, exfoliated lip. I love lathering on a few swipes of chapstick as a base too.
  2. For an easy DIY lip liner, dip the tapered end of a Q-tips Precision Tip into the lipstick you’ll be using for your bold red look. Line the outer rim of your lip, making sure you don’t get any weird squiggles or distorted edges.
  3. Fill in the outline with the same red lipstick you used for the liner, covering your lips with two coats for extra color.
  4. Optional: I like to brush a little translucent powder right on the edge of my bottom lip for a highlighted effect. This also helps to keep the liner and lipstick in place. You can also brush a bit of the powder over your lipstick for a great finish. Make sure you blend it in so you don’t have a white line. 
  5. Lather on a bright cheery red lip gloss for some added shine and glamour.
  6. Finish off the look by clearing any smudges with a Q-tips Precision Tip.
  7. Done and done!

Fashionably Lo Q Tips Precision Tips b (2 of 6)

Fashionably Lo Q Tips Precision Tips b (6 of 6)

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