How to Get Back To Your Goals

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Okay, ladies. We’re a little two weeks into the new year and chances are, you’re starting to have that conversation with yourself about how “worth it” all of those goals are. Am I right? Well, you are not alone. You made it through the first two weeks totally crushing it. Whatever those goals or intentions were, you’ve stuck to them. But then, towards the end of last week, you started to lose a little steam. Matter of fact, as you’re reading these words, you’re saying to yourself “I sort of fell of this weekend but I’m going to start over today”. I’ve. Been. There.

If you can relate – today’s post is for you. Yes, you. Don’t be hard on yourself. Don’t let the shame or guilt takeover. It is 100% possible to refocus, make some changes and get back to the goals you’ve set for the year. I promise. Let’s dive in.

How I Get Back to My New Year Goals

Step 1: Incorporate New Products Into Your Wellness Routine

Before we get to your goals, let’s talk about the things you use on a daily basis and how they contribute to your goals. For me, a lot of my goals are tied to wellness. Regardless of what your goals are, I want you to think about the things you use or eat or do and how they tie in.

One of my favorite ways to refresh things to incorporate new products into my routine. New workout clothes or new supplements always get me in a new mood!

No. 1 Physician’s Choice Collagen Peptides Powder & Women’s Probiotic

When it comes to your morning routine, there are two products I recommend every woman incorporate into their regimen: collagen & a good probiotic. I have been seriously loving the Collagen Peptides Powder and Women’s Probiotic from Physician’s Choice.

The Collagen Peptides Powder helps to support hair, skin, nail, and joint health with 14 essential amino acids that support and promote vitality. Physician’s Choice uses DigeSEB, clinically-proven digestive enzymes, to help ensure that your body can readily absorb and get the collagen to where it needs to go. That’s not the case for all brands so this was a serious highlight for me. I also love that it is flavorless & odorless. You can mix it into your morning cup of coffee or favorite smoothie!

If you’re not taking a probiotic, I highly suggest consulting with your physician and adding one into your routine. Formulated specifically for women’s health, the Physicians Choice Women’s Probiotic is a powerful probiotic with clinically proven ProCran to help restore digestive balance. Not only does it support immune & feminine health, this natural Prebiotic + Probiotic combination provides balance for optimal digestive health.

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No. 2 The Habit Trip from Running Press Books

Let’s be real. Habits can be hard to form and to stick to. We’ve all been there. We’ve all lacked the motivation. But I like to think that this is our year to develop the habits we’ve been needing to develop and finally, once and for all, stick with them. I’ve been reading a few pages of The Habit Trip every night before bed and I truly believe it’s one of the best books you could read this year. This book is all about helping you analyze your habits relating to sleep, fitness, relationships, money, spirituality, and more, and then with clever prompts and writing tasks, you determine which steps to take. It’s pure gold.

No. 3 Meal delivery from Veestro

Nutrition is usually the thing that most people struggle when it comes to their health journey. Between endless hours of meal prep or figuring what you should or shouldn’t be eating, sometimes we tend to overcomplicate things. Well, over-complications be gone! I have been loving the Veestro meal delivery service for this exact reason. Delicious & healthy meals delivered and all I have to do is pop them in the microwave. Even Brandon loves them! Offering 100% plant-based meals, Veestro has a fully prepared & convenient meal for everybody.

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No. 4 Intensive Foot Repair and Multi-Purpose Nail Repair from Kerasal

Taking care of your body means taking care of your entire body, including your feet. Yeah, I said it. Brandon and I have been incorporating these Kerasal products into our skicnare + selfcare routines and have noticed such a great difference.

The Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair clinically proven to hydrate/moisturize dry feet while exfoliating away dead skin with visible results in as little as one day. This product loosens hard, dry skin to exfoliate & deeply moisturize – I’ve found that I get the best results when I cover with socks overnight.

The Kerasal Multi-Purpose Nail Repair is another must-try. Kerasal’s patented formula helps improve nail appearance by reducing discoloration, smoothing the surface, normalizing thickness and hydrating the nail. This #1 Dr. recommended brand leads to visible improvements that can be seen after one week of application.

Step 2: Write down your goals + how to accomplish them

Now that you have some new products to add to your routine, your next piece of homework is to figure out how you can accompplish those goals you set at the start of the. new year.

The first step is to write down all of the goals you set. All of them. One goal or ten goals or thirty goals. Write them down. I’ll wait.


  1. To create better habits.
  2. To work on self-love and self-esteem.
  3. To build my business opportunities.

Now, write down the things you can do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to make these goals a reality.


  1. Start every day with hot lemon water.
  2. Allocated three hours every week to learning a new skill for the blog.
  3. Have a dance party every day and move my body.

Now that you have your list, print it out. Add the tasks from above to your daily/weekly/monthly to-do lists. Schedule things into your calendar for the rest of the year. Figure out how you can make these goals and tasks or habits part of your life moving forward.

When you start to lose steam or start to feel like you’re falling off track, ask yourself if you’ve got your plan and structure in place. And if not, take a step back and repeat this exercise. You got this, girl!