How I’m Staying Motivated at Home

I’ve been getting a ton of questions lately about how I’ve been staying motivated while at home. Although I’m still trying to master the art of productivity and tackling all of the things I probably need to clean/organize in the house while I have Brandon here 24/7, I do think that I’ve got the health & wellness angle locked in pretty tight.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t to say that I’m eating clean 100% of the time, obsessing over my “progress” and working out every day. In my opinion, that’s not being motivated – that’s not living. For me, prioritizing my health is a lifestyle choice that allows flexibility and joy and treats and rest. Once I came to that realization, the motivation part of it all got easier because I wasn’t trying to follow a strict plan or diet.

But let’s be real, that is a lot easier said than done. When it comes to staying motivated, there are a few things I like to share with my Lauren Elyce Fit clients. Whether you’re trying to stay on top of your health goals while we’re at home the next few weeks or are looking for some tips to start putting into action once things calm down and get back to normal, these are the things I swear by.

No. 1 Write out your why

If you ask me, this is the most important step. And I’m not talking about your vanity why’s. If you want to lose fat or gain muscle, there’s nothing wrong with that. But those goals should be tied to more than just aesthetics/the way you look. Chances are, once those things happen, if they’re not tied to bigger goals like your overall health and wellness, you’ll never feel like you’ve accomplished anything. Believe me, I’ve been there.

I found that writing out my WHY made a huge difference in how I approach my goals and how I stay motivated. It’s a constant reminder that I won’t feel “better” just because I lose a few pounds or start to see abs. The changes I’m making will be longer-term, lifestyle choices because they’re tied to things that I value more than aesthetics.


  • I want to increase my endurance and stamina
  • I want to get stronger
  • I want to get rid of my digestion issues
  • I want to have more energy
  • I want to embrace my shape and my curves
  • I want to inspire and empower others to live a healthier, balanced lifestyle

Now, when I don’t feel like working out or I want to indulge on pasta every day, I look to my why’s and remember that a workout will help me increase my endurance and that swapping pasta with a chickpea pasta alternative will help with my digestion. Those things will also help me achieve my aesthetics goals like a perky booty and baby abs but I’ll feel better knowing that I’m achieving so much more that will have a longer-lasting impact.

No. 2 Come up with a weekly challenge

At the start of each week, I create one challenge for myself. This week, it’s to drink one gallon of water every day. Last week, it was to go for a 30-minute walk outside every day. Next week, I’m thinking it will be to do 100 squats every day. These little challenges might seem small but they do a lot more for your mental game than you’d think.

Find a challenge that’s tied to your why, even if it’s abstract. For example, one of my goals is to increase endurance. A fun challenge that I’ve been thinking about is putting on a hip-hop dance routine on Youtube and doing that 4 times a week. It’s fun and not a formal workout but will not only help me with my stamina but it keeps me on track without feeling like I’m doing “work”.

Write it down in your calendar. Tell a friend or family member and challenge them to join in on the fun. When you complete the challenge, reward yourself with something fun!

No. 3 create the right environment

This has been huge for me the past few weeks. Now that we’re all at home and don’t have access to gyms or our favorite healthy food eateries (unless you do delivery), it’s a little harder to frame yourself for success. But it can be done.

If you ask me, your environment plays a big role in keeping you motivated. If you’re surrounded by treats that you know you’ll overeat or don’t have any space to get in some movement, there’s a good chance you’ll eat all the snacks and watch Netflix instead of workout.

Prep the kitchen: Keep the snacks, but put them in portion-sized containers or baggies. I love gummy bears and Red Vines but would eat the entire bag and then some if I had my choice. So, instead, I put the individual serving sizes in baggies so when I want something sweet, I grab one serving instead of 14. Same goes for your meals. Try to meal prep 2-3 meals at a time so you always have something on hand when you’re hungry.

Make your own gym: you don’t need a ton of equipment to get in an effective home workout. If you have dumbbells or bands, keep them together in a dedicated place where you’ll workout. If you don’t have the equipment, it’s still important to create a dedicated space where you’ll workout at home. Even if it means moving some furniture around for the next few weeks and setting up your iPad to stream your workouts. For me, I have a space in our living room where I keep everything. If I don’t workout outside, I’ll do everything in that same living room space each day like I’m going to the gym.

Layout your gym clothes for the week: Every Sunday night, I pick out 5 sets of leggings & sports bras and lay them out. Every morning, I get out of bed and change out of my PJs and into my workout clothes. I don’t usually workout until after lunch but when you already have the clothes on, that’s one less obstacle to get in your way.

Tag in your partner: Having an accountability partner can do a lot in the motivation department. Grab your spouse, roommate or FaceTime your bestie and get in your workout together. You can also cook together (virtual meals are sort of my new favorite thing) or do mini-challenges together.