An Easy Weekend Home Project

I’ll go ahead and say it. We’re officially in adulting mode. I guess that what happens when you buy a house. Rather than getting excited about new shoes – my new obsession is new house stuff. New furniture, new paint, new hardware. It makes me way more excited than I’d like to admit.

The latest installment in our house obsession: the sink. I shared our kitchen before & after a few months ago and while I was pretty proud of the renovations we completed, the sink area still bothered me. I know, first world problems. But I can’t explain it – it just felt dated and “blah” and unlike the rest of our house. At the same time, we didn’t have the resources or the patience to do a full sink reno so I sort of gave up.

That is, until we had the genius idea for a mini update that wouldn’t break the bank. Rather than replacing the sink and all that came with it, we decided to do quick update to the faucet and the garbage disposal. The faucet was obviously an aesthetic change that I wanted to make but I’m also a little OCD and jumped at the chance to get a new, CLEAN garbage disposal.


I’ve always wanted an industrial/modern looking faucet. It just adds so much character to the kitchen so I naturally fell in love with this MOEN faucet in matte black. Even Brandon is a fan. Don’t even get me started on our garbage disposal. I’m pretty sure the previous house owners would throw glass down there and just grind away. I didn’t realize how absurd our old one sounded until we replaced it with this MOEN garbage disposal. Again, adulting is a funny thing. I never thought I could get excited about a garbage disposal. But, alas, here we are.

This super easy two-step process was the perfect way to upgrade our sink setup without having to go through the entire sink replacement process. Not only does everything function so much better but honestly, it upgraded the look of that part of the kitchen and I’m not mad about it. The best part – we got it done over the weekend and just in time for our housewarming party on Saturday.

One of the things Brandon and I have realized is the importance (and affordability) of quick weekend projects. As much as we’d love to make major changes throughout the home, it’s much easier said than done. Being able to run into The Home Depot, pick up what we need along with getting all of the best pro advice a girl could ask for and then complete something ourselves (with some slight help from my dad)…well it’s the ultimate #adulting weekend done right.


Photos by Shelby Gordon

This post was written in collaboration with The Home Depot. All thoughts & opinions are my own.