Ladies & Gentleman…

Ladies & Gentleman….I’m back! It may have only been one week but I sure did miss you guys. As I mentioned in my last post before my mini hiatus, I decided to take the week off from posting to refocus and strategize on all things Lauren Elyce. Over the past few months, I’ve just been feeling totally lost when it comes to content, my vision, the aesthetic of the blog, etc. But I have good news – I am back and (hopefully) better than ever, drawing major #boss and creative inspiration from the Rolling Stones themselves (not really, just though it was a cute tie in for today’s post ha!). Read on to see what’s in store plus get all of the details on this super cute gingham midi skirt + tee shirt situation. 

I have to start out by saying: THANK YOU! To each and every one of you that took the time out to complete my reader survey, you are truly the best. I’m not gonna lie – there may have been a few tears after reading some of your feedback. The good kind though, don’t worry. It’s a strange thing but to know people actually take the time to read my blog, check out my IG posts or check in every now and then with my newsletter, it means so much. I’m a blogger and put out content on the daily but sometimes I forget that people really see it and your feedback has been SO helpful as I pivot to create even better content for my readers. 


Without giving away too many details on some of the updates, changes and other exciting things to come over the next few weeks, I did want to give you guys a little update on what you can expect! To no surprise, you guys L – O – V – E outfit posts. And good thing because so do I. This blog was started as a fashion & style blog and I’m excited to take my outfit posts up a notch to offer up even more style “inspiration”, shopping cart must haves and more.

You guys also wanted to see more travel content which, duh, gets me excited because I have some fun trips planned over the next few months! I’m heading to Lake Tahoe for July 4th and then to Cuba with Alex towards the end of July (holy $h!t I am pumped). I’m also heading back to Charleston for a super fun brand trip that I can’t wait to share more details about. So you better believe I will be curating even more travel guides to share and inspire your next set of adventures. 

And lastly, there was a request for more decor + beauty content in addition to getting a little more personal here on the blog. Keep a lookout for a new series launching in July and I promise to add a little extra “me” to each post – I live for storytelling and can’t wait to incorporate more of that into Lauren Elyce. 

“How would you describe your style?”

As a blogger, I think I get this question more than anything else and it stresses me the F out every. single. time. I mean, I always have the generic answer: feminine, modern, blah, blah, blah. But after last week’s exercise, I think I finally figured it out. And it’s not as simple as 3-4 cute adjectives. My style is this: 

I like to be comfortable but still well styled. This means I love sweatpants but also cute sneakers and a leather jacket to top it off. I also live for tee shirts. 

I tend to incorporate a slightly feminine aesthetic to my outfits, but not always. I’d say about 80% of my outfits have some sort of dress, skirt, flirty detail or “girly” color. On the other hand, jeans are my jam and I’d die if I couldn’t wear sneakers at least 1-2 times a week. 

I draw inspiration from timeless styles but try to keep them modern. Like most fashion trends, everything comes back around at some point. Rather than going for “trendy”, I like to take the more timeless trends and incorporate them in a modern way into my wardrobe. For example: printed wrap dresses, distressed flared jeans, bardot crop tops, etc.

I don’t mind being basic AF. There’s a good chance almost every outfit I wear either contains some sort of “basic” piece or is completely made up basics and neutrals. Tans, beiges, whites and greys are my best friend. I also consider blush a neutral and wear it 3-4 times a week. Some of my favorite #BASICAF pieces: a denim jacket, white blazer, leather jacket, ripped jeans, white v neck and a white button up. 

And lastly, my style is for the budget conscious. Like 75% of the fashion bloggers out there, I’ve always described myself as a “budget friendly blog”, which it is.  I typically don’t wear anything that costs over $70 unless it was gifted to me and even then, I try to keep the items over $100 to accessories or items that are more of a closet investment or staple. You won’t find me in designer duds because I simply just can’t justify the cost. Who knows if this will change when I’m making hundreds of thousands of dollars (obvi day dreaming over here), but for the meantime, it’s H&M, Forever 21 and lots of Target for me! 

So I say all of that because I feel like today’s look pretty much sums up my style in one simple, cute and affordable #ootd. A tee shirt: comfortable. A gingham midi skirt: girly + timeless (but modern). Neutral accessories: chic but basic AF accessories every girl needs in her summer wardrobe. 

I cannot wait to wear this gingham midi skirt all summer long – you better believe it’s coming to Cuba and Charleston with me. I have also worn this tee a good 100 times since I got it a few weeks ago. It’s one of the softest tees in my closet and pretty much goes with everything from jeans to skirts to shorts to swimsuit cover ups and more. 



Photos by Gossett Photography 


  1. 6.19.17
    Ellese said:

    Totally feel you on needed a minute to readjust and come back. I think that is part of blogging. Finding a formula that works, but that takes time and trials. I love your look here! Very cute. XO, Ellese


  2. 6.19.17
    Kelsey said:

    This whole outfit is amazing, I love this skirt so gorgeous!
    Xo, Kelsey |

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