How I’m Really Getting Ready for V-Day

So today’s post is going to be a little taboo. But I am SO glad because who doesn’t love to get real?? So what are we talking about?

The V in V-day…and I’m not talking about Saint Valentine

When it comes to the day of love, Summer’s Eve is making sure they’ve got your back (or front). They believe that women and girls should celebrate their bodies (heck yes). And when it comes to really taking care of yourself, it’s not just about looking your best, but also feeling your best. And sometimes that means feeling fresh. Thanks to New Simply Summer’s Eve, there’s more than one way for you to feel fresh. Available in a brand-new Gently Foaming Wash and convenient Cleansing Cloths, the Simply Summer’s Eve line-up is the perfect addition to your shower routine and on-the-go beauty ritual. I packed the wipes in my bookbag on our flight to South Africa (we have a 48 hours travel journey) and they were a lifesaver. And guess what, they’re also making a debut in my Valentine’s Day Routine.

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Speaking of a good v-day routine, I thought I’d get real and share how I’m planning on getting ready for the day of love. And I know what you might be thinking – here Lauren goes. She must just be talking about this because she’s being paid. While you’re not wrong, I have to let you know that I 100% am a really fan and loyal customer of Summer’s Eve. I’ve been using their Cleansing Clothes and Cleansing Wash for years and now that I have new products to add to my arsenal, I really couldn’t wait to share how I’m getting fresh (in more ways than one) this vday.

So without further ado….

My Valentine’s Day Routine

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Step 1: Finalize Plans. This is an easy one for us. I shared on Friday that our plans this year are pretty simple. We’re trying to put more focus on showing our love fo eachother on the daily instead of just one day out of the year so there’s a good chance we’re chillin’ at home for a relaxing night in. Fun fact: 58% of women would rather skip the crowds and spend Valentine’s Day at home chilling out rather than on an extravagant date.*

Step 2: Order the goodies. I am the queen of laziness and seriously hate going to the store. To set up for the perfect date night at home, I’ll plan to order some snacks & wine from a grocery store that delivers and then that night, we’ll order our favorite takeout. I know I should probably cook…but, like I said, we’re chillin’ this year.

Step 3: Prep the bod. Just because I’m hanging out in my sweats (or some lacey lingerie) at home, I still want to look and feel my best for my guy. Did ya know that 62% of women view getting intimate as a priority on Valentine’s Day?* Gotta keep that romance live y’all. This is where Summer’s Eve comes in. I love having the Cleansing Cloths on hand to freshen up and the Gentle Foaming Wash doesn’t leave my shower…ever.

Step 4: Just enjoy your boo. Now that you’ve got the goodies and the goods are ready, just enjoy spending time with your man. Open that bottle of wine, play-fight over which movie to watch and then settle in to a cozy fort of blankets and get your snuggle on.


*Summer’s Eve recently conducted a survey on how women really feel about Valentine’s Day. The Summer’s Eve Survey was conducted by Wakefield Research ( in November 2017. For this research, 1000 interviews were fielded using an email invitation and an online survey among women ages 18 and older. 


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This post is sponsored by on behalf Simply Summer’s Eve®

Photos by Shelby Gordon