Five Thoughts I Had This Week | Vol. 3


This has been a super busy week. Like, crazier than normal. But let’s be real, the random thoughts surely didn’t drift. You may or may not notice a theme and spoiler: it’s unorganized, all over the place and truly telling of what’s coming up over the next few weeks.


“I need a new workout playlist.”

My workout playlist currently consists of a ton of 00’s hip-hop. It’s not a bad thing but I think it’s time to give it an update. I just love high-school T.I. He was so gooooood. I also have a few current hits from the top chart playlists but I’m always on the hunt for new dance/edm, hip hop, ratch, rap, etc. so if you have any recs send ’em my way!


“I never want to pack up an apartment again.”


This is my second time packing up an entire apartment within three months. I hate it. I usually love to unpack but actually going through your stuff, tossing out junk, selling the good stuff and then packing up what you need for the short term and then for a later move-in date – it’s exhausting. This is more of a venting session for me but I have to say it so I’ll stop complaining out loud. I just really hate packing and don’t want to do it again for a few years. Okay, done.


“Holy shit I completed a cleanse.”

I did a two-day juice cleanse/detox Monday and Tuesday and while it was only two days I feel the need to celebrate this accomplishment, I have never…never… completed a cleanse. I also tap out after the first or second day. But I chose wisely this time. I wanted to clear out my system after a few unhealthy treats over the weekend and I actually did it. And feel amazing!


“Why are there so many shades of white?”

I’ve been spending a lot of time over the past week looking at shades of white for our walls and damn, there are literally too many shades of white. Too many. Is there like an app where you just show them a room you . like on IG and they can tell you the shade? I’m sure something like this exists so can someone please let me know?!?


“I need pasta in my life asap.”

So, I’m on the last week of my 8-week diet and workout plan. I can’t lie. I miss pasta. Really, truly, honestly miss pasta. I am planning to splurge a little when we get to Spain but I’m trying to also remind myself that I had a bit of an addiction to the carby entree and don’t want to slip into bad habits. So, I’m thinking this weekend I might whip up some healthy pasta alternatives to ease myself into a few “cheat” meals. What do we think??



  1. 7.26.18
    Tabitha said:

    Great post and thoughts! I definitely understand about the past part. I can’t have pasta period,but I found a few good alternatives. Gluten free and brown rice pasta are great substitutes without losing the flavor.


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