Five Thoughts I Had This Week | Vol. 2


I don’t know about ya’ll but this week FLEW by. Maybe it’s because next week is a pretty big one – details coming soon. Maybe it’s because this was probably the busiest I’ve been all summer. I don’t really know, but it flew by. With so much going on, you better believe my brain was running a major marathon of random ass thoughts.

So without further ado, my new favorite series! Five real AF thoughts I had this week:


“My inner sexpot is really/finally coming out.

So this is probably not news to anyone that follows me on IG Stories but we’re heading to Ibiza in a few weeks to celebrate Brandon’s 30th birthday. We’re going with a huge group of friends and it’s going to be, as the kids say these days, lit. Maybe it’s this extra confidence I’ve been gaining. Maybe it’s the fact that I think my butt is looking better than ever. But man am I buying up all of the sexiness can find. I don’t know what it is but I am just so excited to show off as much skin as possible and just embrace my inner sexpot. I’m talking string bikinis, thong bikinis, crochet coverups, sequin hot pants…you get where I’m going. I sorta can’t wait to rock these extra AF looks in Ibiza but I’m also just really excited to be around other girls who do this like everyday. I really admire the confidence of anyone willing to rock a thong to a pool party – like how do we make sure nothing falls out??

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“My Chapstick obsession is real.”


I realized this week that I literally have at least one tube of chapstick at every possible touchpoint. My car, my nightstand, my purse, my gym bag, my bookbag, my laptop case, my makeup bag, my vanity, the kitchen…why do I have chapstick in the kitchen? And this got me thinking – is there like a chapstick subscription service? Like, someone needs to create a service where they send you a collection of new chapsticks every month. New brands, new flavors, new benefits. etc. So, someone get on that asap.


“How is it possible that I’m still peeling?”

I got back from Florida more than two weeks ago and somehow I am still peeling on my back and shoulders from the little bit of sunburn I got. Like – how? It’s been two weeks. I have tried lotion, aloe, scrubbing, scratching, peeling. Everything. Does anyone have a good trick or product to end this stat???


“Do we think it’s too late to learn how to sew?”

So fun fact about me. I love watching old episodes of reality TV. Over the past few months, I’ve binge-watched all of the past seasons of Survivor, The Amazing Race and Project Runway. I don’t know what it is but I just love the challenges and the characters in season. I’m finishing up the most recent season of Project Runway and I’m just so amazed by how these people can sew together a look in 1-2 days. I couldn’t even make a pillowcase in college. Do we think it’s too late to learn? Is there really any point? I just want to be able to make a dress or shorts or something cool of my own!


“I complain way too much.”

I think I’ve always known this but I truly feel like over the past week – I have been once bitchy lady. I caught myself complaining about the smallest things to Brandon. I realized I even complained to myself about things that just were out of my control. So, I’m making it my mission and asking y’all to hold me accountable – it’s time to make a change and try to only be positive. Most of the time. I am truly a pretty lucky person. Rather than focusing on the negative, I’m going to try my hardest to let those things roll off my shoulder and just turn them into something I can celebrate!



  1. 7.19.18
    Tabitha said:

    Great post! I love these random thoughts of yours. It’s so relatable lol! I’m also a chopstick fanatic and have one in every purse, in my car, and at work. ‘


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