Five Hours in London

As I type this post, it’s hard to believe that our whirlwind of a trip is coming to an end. I’m currently sitting on the ten hour flight from JoBurg to London for the first leg of our return trip home and it’s extremely bittersweet. I won’t get into too much detail but this adventure was absolutely bananas. I’ll be sharing a TON of photos, video, travel highlights and more from South Africa starting tomorrow but today I thought I’d kick things off with a peek into our super short but jam packed London itinerary.

We had a ten hour layover in between our flights to London and JoBurg so we decided to make the post of it. Neither Brandon or I had been to London and this was B’s first trip to Europe. So we did it and we did it big.

Check out some of the highlights below and get ready for lotttssss of travel content coming your way over the next few weeks!

Five Hours in London: Our Travel Itinerary

9:30am Arrived in London and dropped off our luggage at the Excess Baggage kiosk. We paid in advance and the whole process was super easy and felt very secure. Definitely recommend for anyone spending along layover in the city who doesn’t want to lug around all of their stuff (we did carry on bags so we had everything with us)

10:30am Called an uber and headed for our first destination. We both were on the fence about taking the train but because we were on a time crunch and weren’t 100% sure we’d be able to quickly and easily navigate the train, we opted for an uber. I have heard it’s super easy so when we go back, I can’t wait to try!

11:15am Waited in the longest line at Farm Girl but it was SO worth it. This charming little breakfast spot was located in Notting Hill and popped up so many times in my search for healthier breakfast options and must-try restaurants in London. I had their infamous rose latte and açaí bowl and Brandon had the best hot chocolate we’ve ever had and this delicious savory omelette situation. The food was incredible and the decor was so cute. This is definitely a must when planning your trip.

1:00pm After getting some fuel, we explored Notting Hill. It was drizzling at this point so we didn’t spend too much time but we did get to take in some of the gorgeous pastel homes, some great live music and antique shops and just the general charm of this neighborhood.

1:45pm We hopped in an Uber and had him drop us off right in from of Westminster Abbey. We walked around to do some sightseeing on foot and saw Big Ben, the London Eye and then made our way to Buckingham Palace. We also of course had to get a photo in front of a red telephone booth, naturally. It was pretty magical to see these historic and cultural sites that we’ve only read about or seen in movies.

3:30pm Because it started raining and was definitely freezing at this point, we decided to hop into a pubbefore heading back to the airport. We had fish & chips and some of the best beer I’ve ever had. We made new friends and had the perfect ending to a great afternoon in London.

4:30pm We booked it back to the airport to pick up our bags, check in and rush to the gate to make our 6:00pm flight to JoBurg!



So, did we do everything London has to offer? Not even close. But we had such a great time exploring what we could and experiencing some of the great things the city has to offer. We both are so excited to go back for a longer visit. I need tea, a visit to Catch (hello pink goodness) and so much more.

Have you guys been to London? What did you do? What were your favorite memories? What do I need to add to my list for our next trip? Sound off below!


  1. 1.29.18
    Tabitha said:

    How exciting! London has been on my bucket list for a long time now and I would just love to spend a week up there. So much history and sights.


  2. 1.30.18
    Renee said:

    Thanks for sharing! Do you plan your photos in advance? Like, how do you just have an eye for taking such great photos without ruining too much of being “in the moment?” HAHA. Looking forward to the rest of your travel series on SA.

  3. 1.30.18

    I’ve been following along on Insta and looks like you’ve been having an incredible time! Beautiful photos!

    Xx Taylor

  4. 1.31.18
    Laura said:

    LOVE this guide! I’m always on the lookout for “layover cities” and guides to accompany them! We actually published two for a 24 hour stopover (Rome: // Chicago:
    Great picks!

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