Energizing My Life with Enviroscent

Honesty time. I have been feeling extremely overwhelmed and bogged down lately. Running a blog and a business full time, working on 5+ freelance gigs, attempting a personal life and trying to find time to just chill out every now and then can get extremely exhausting. And I’m not complaining. I do pretty much love my life and wouldn’t have it any other way – but it happens! We all can start to get overwhelmed by the millions of things we have going on whether it’s running a household, taking care of your family or just getting yourself into an office every day. Life can be hard like that.

A few weeks ago I attended a brand immersion experience with some of my favorite Atlanta bloggers at the Enviroscent headquarters. That day pretty much changed my outlook on #allthingthethings. Enviroscent is a game-changing, new type of home fragrance, delivering the finest scents in a new, low-footprint way.  But what does that really mean you might ask…

Not only did the team at Enviroscent do an awesome job of introducing their products to us but they made it their mission to share their brand and vision with us which is to “…reimagine fragrance and inspire change for the good of people and the planet.”That really stuck with me.

As I started thinking about my day-to-day life and how hectic/tiring/amazing/crazy/blah it can be, I slowly began to think of some of the things we talked about with the Enviroscent team. Not only does a fresh-smelling home add a sense of relaxation but it can also give you that much need burst of energy to get through a rather otherwise mundane day. I decided to take it one step further and make it my mission this month to add a few extra bursts of energy throughout my day-to-day

Check out some of the things I’ve been doing over the past few weeks to make tackling my day a little much easier!

Easy Steps for Adding Bursts of Energy into Your Daily Life:
  1. Fresh Flowers: This is an obvious one. I think everyone loves the way fresh flowers can instantly brighten up your home. I’ve started adding this into my weekly grocery store run and swear by having a fresh bouquet of hydrangeas or white roses on my coffee table at all times. They look fantastic and add this sense of warmth & coziness that I crave especially when working from home everyday.
  2. Enviroscent Fragrance Bursts: I think these Wax Melt alternatives might be my new favorite thing. Enviroscent Bursts™ are a revolutionary air freshener that delivers vivid, long-lasting fragrance free of harmful chemicals. They’re infused with 100% pure fragrance so scents smell better and are better for you. Seriously, I have already noticed a huge distance in my home. (by the way, you can pick up Bursts for $3.77 – 3 Bursts in a pack – at Walmart!
  3. Take the Work to the Couch: I know what you’re thinking. If you work from home, you probably think this is the worst idea. Believe me, I spend most days at my desk or kitchen table hacking away at that do-do-list. But every now and then I love taking my laptop to my couch, putting on a random Netflix movie and just settling in to get some work done. I can’t sit there for more than a few ours or I start to get a little too lazy but taking some time to slightly unwind while still getting the task done gives me a little boost in the afternoon.
  4. Morning Yoga: I recently got into yoga and although I think it can be extremely boring and slow, I found a few 20-30 minutes online yoga classes set to upbeat music and it’s the perfect way to start my morning. My energy is so much higher after starting my day this way and it sets the tone for a productive and stress-free work sesh (usually).
  5. Me Time: One of my favorite ways to unwind after a long day at my computer or running from meeting to meeting is by sitting out on my balcony with a cup of ginger tea or a glass of wine. I added a few of the Enviroscent bursts out there because they smell so dang good and it’s like I’ve set up shop on a tropical island. (loving the combo of Paradise Breeze + Wild Lavender)


This post was written in collaboration with Enviroscent. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Fashionably Lo’s doors open!


photos by Jnelly Photography




  1. 3.29.17

    These Enviroscent Fragance Bursts sound amazing! Thanks for sharing and your tips too.

    xo Laura Leigh

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