How I Take My Coffee

Surprise! I love coffee. No seriously, it’s more like an obsession. Anyone that knows me knows that I basically live with a coffee IV attached to me at all times. I guess working one zillion jobs does that to a girl – I don’t even want to know how busy mommas do it. But yup – as a coffeeaholic, I’ve grown to love and cherish the many many forms of coffee. Keep reading for some of my favorite go-to recipes for everything from simple syrups to infused almond milk and more! 


I’ve shared my love for Nespresso a few times in past and believe you ask – no, this is not a sponsored post for Nespresso. Y’all, I just love it. Not only am I a fan of the easy-to-use (and super adorable) VertuoLine but I L O V E the froth that comes with any and every Nespresso pod. Whether you’re brewing a cup of coffee or whipping up a few shots of espresso, Nespresso is known for that delish foamy layer of froth at the finish and guys, it makes all the difference. You can try one of their many flavored brews or opt for a classic roast. You honestly just can’t go wrong – and take it from the girl who probably has tried every.single.variation. So good.
























Let me preface this by stating that I am NOT an expert at the cold brew/french press phenomenon. What I do know is that I whip up a bangin’ cold brew using my $20 french press from Target and it’s the one thing I think could beat the ‘Bux.

I start with my go-to Target brand of ground coffee and add in a teaspoon of cinnamon. I then scrape out the insides of two (2) long vanilla beans and add to the mix (I get mine at Whole Foods in a pack of 4-6). Stir it together in the french press before you add your water. Let it brew overnight in your fridge – I typically put it all in before I go to bed so I had a fresh cold brew when I wake up.



So this is where I really like to toot my own horn. If you aren’t making your own simple syrups, you’re doing it wrong. I started doing this during a previous round of Whole 30 (yes, I was cheating) when I needed a little something sweet to add to my coffee. I figured that making my own was at least better than adding the in chemically over-processed syrups sold in stores. After trying a honey cinnamon iced latte at a local coffee shop here in Atlanta, I knew I had to whip up my own syrup to recreate this deliciousness at home.  It is SO easy. Add equal parts honey and water to a small saucepan – I typically shoot for 1/2C – 1Cup of each depending on how much I want to make. Add in 3-4 full cinnamon sticks. Stir. Then boil until the mixture starts to bubble. Pout into a mason jar and let cool. I typically store mine for up to a week in the fridge and it’s the perfect addition to an iced latte or morning cup of coffee








Does anyone else think plain almond milk is absolutely disgusting? The only word I can use to describe it is “chalky”. No matter the brand I try, when I add plain almond milk to my coffee it just feels so dry and flat. I started “infusing” my almond milk with simple syrups, cinnamon or protein powder a few months ago and haven’t looked back. It’s amazing what a little flavor and texture can do to amplify your morning latte. Sometimes I’ll add a teaspoon of cinnamon or nutmeg to a cup of almond milk and blend it for a few seconds in my blender before pouring into my coffee. I’ve also found that adding a scoop of protein powder (I love the Chocolate Vega Proteins version) adds that yummy mocha vibe and keeps you feeling satisfied through that mid-morning snack break.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy coffee? Please drop ’em below! I’m always on the hunt for new secrets, tips and recipes!