DIY Makeup Vanity

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As a girl with way too much makeup and not enough room in her one bedroom loft, I’ve still always dreamed of having a vanity where I can get ready. Like most girls, I too grew up watching my mom put on her makeup and curl her hair in front of the mirror and just really love the whole idea of having a special place (outside of the bathroom!) to glam things all the way up. 

But again, as a girl with a one bedroom loft in the city, there isn’t a ton of room for a full size vanity. Sure, I’ve had my eye on a few gorgeous white or marble setups but let’s be real…there aint room for that. 

After my latest trip to At Home (I went in for some new plates…#gofigure), I stumbled across these adorable mirrored accent tables and instantly imagined a DIY makeup vanity I couldn’t wait to get home and create. I picked up two different heights, a cute mirror, a few lucite organizers and a faux fur rug and BAM…a vanity was born. 

Outside of the fact that I now have the perfect place to get ready in the morning and display all of my favorite beauty products, I also love that I can use these pieces for other home decor staples if I ever want to rearrange (which is something I do pretty often). 

And if you have not heard of or shopped at your latest At Home store yet, you are truly missing it out. A super affordable mecca for all things home, decor, organization, etc.?….Yes it’s THAT good and you need to check it out stat. 


Small Accent Table | Large Accent Table | Faux Fur Rug | Mirror | 3 drawer Organizer Case | Multi Level Organizer Case 


  1. 9.14.16
    jessica said:

    This is such a smart idea! I wish I had a BIG ass house for a vanity, walk in closet, you know all the dreamy home stuff!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  2. 9.14.16
    Ally said:

    The only thing is the distance from the bottom of the vanity is so close to the top of the bench that it makes it impossible for you to put your knees underneath it. Did you think about this? I think the person doing their make up, including myself, would appreciate that and the ability to sit close. Also, I think an adjustable seat would be better. This chair sits too low, and since women are shorter than men, they need the extra inches. That being said, due to my height, this concept would not work me and other women my height. Lighting over the vanity would be appreciated as well. This is needed especially when doing makeup. Sorry, just telling it like I see it.

  3. 9.14.16

    This is gorgeous! So jealous of this 😀

  4. 9.14.16
    Camille said:

    This turned out so great. It looks awesome and seems really functional as well. Nicely done!


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