We’re back with a new edition of #REALationshipGoals and you are going to love what we have for you this week. Do you ever feel like that scene in The Notebook where Noah is yelling at Alli asking “What do you want!?” This is me & my husband when we talk about dinner every. single. night. Luckily, one of the best things about having besties in different relationship states is sharing date ideas. Different relationship states definitely define what you do for fun together. Dating in college is certainly different than being married and living in the same house (surprise: the latter is harder!) Netflix & chill is always an option, but we have rounded up some of our favorite ways to spend time with your boo to help you when you are in a relationship rut.

What was your best date with bae?

Mae: It’s so hard to choose! But I’d have to say our best dates are concerts. We love enjoying music together and always end the evening on a high. We go to as many concerts as we can and ALWAYS round out the evening by picking up Taco Bell on the way home and staying up really late watching old TV shows (like Andy Griffith or Gilligan’s Island). It’s a tradition. We saw Colin Hay (high five if you know who that is) earlier this year and still talk about it nonstop. We got to meet Colin and he called me “love” so…yeah, that one takes the cake.

Lauren: Last Christmas, we went see The Nutcracker which is my FAVORITE ballet. Ever. In history. We grabbed a few cocktails before heading to The Fox and then got some late night dinner at one of our favorite Italian places. It was seriously a night of favorites and I got to give Brandon a peek into one of the things things I love most.

Sabrina: Oh jeez, i’m trying to go through the last 11 years in my head and only one night really sticks out. Of course, the night I got engaged. A day long scavenger hunt ended with a trip to a small restaurant in Athens where Sahir got down on one knee. (If you feel like reading the longer version, you can read it here) This was the restaurant and he & I had first went the day that we moved out of college and left the city. Now, on February 9th we make an annual trip to recreate that special date.

Favorite Cheap Date Idea?

Mae: Pizza + Netflix. If we feel like splurging, we pick up a Redbox. Ha. This is our weekend habit for sure. When the weather is nice, we’ll enjoy our pizza and movie on a blanket in the backyard. If we feel like leaving the house, we have a favorite Mexican restaurant we frequent and sometimes we’ll go to Homegoods, Target, and/or the bookstore after. Sounds boring but it’s cheap and we love it!

Lauren: We actually really love going to the movies. Although movie tickets + concessions can start to add up, we usually try to sneak into one or two other movies so we get three for the price of one! Call us rebels…but it’s so much fun and I like to think we actually end up saving money in the end!

Sabrina: So Sahir and I are lucky in that we live in a pretty cool part of town. We live near Buford Highway which is a long road of locally owned international restaurants. I’m talking your best pho, cuban sandwiches, bahn mi, and of course… chips & salsa! We love getting late night pho at the 24 hour restaurant or bubble tea at 1 AM. Who said the best dates have to be expensive?

What is your favorite local Atlanta date spot?

Mae: It may be more of a *sometimes* date, but we love going to concerts at Tabernacle, Fox Theater, or Variety Playhouse.

Lauren: We don’t have one place that we go to the most but anywhere with music and good Moscow Mules is where you can find us on #datenight.

Sabrina: One of my favorite Atlanta restaurants is Two Urban Licks. I heard about it for years before I actually made it down there, now we can’t get enough!

What is your favorite daytime activity?

Mae: Our weekend days are usually spent cooking together and running errands, but one of our favorite things to do when the sun is out is go for walks. We’ll usually listen to a podcast or read a book in the car on the way to the park then talk about it while we walk.

Lauren: To be completely honest, we love spending our days lounging around binge watching Netflix. Because we both work 9-5’s during the week, our weekend afternoons are typically either here or at a boozy brunch with our friends.

Sabrina: I hate to be that person, but Sahir and I really love the Beltline. Riding bikes has always been one of our favorite activities. (We once rode from the 9/11 memorial in NYC all the way up to Central park. Best. Idea. Ever) Being able to ride in Atlanta is so much fun, and although the Beltline is crowded we always go off the beaten path near Piedmont Park and jump back on the Beltline to get smoothies from PCM on the way back.

What unique activity do you & bae enjoy? (help me reword this!)

Mae: We love antiquing. We haven’t been lately, but we used to do the antique trail in North Georgia pretty much every weekend. We don’t always buy stuff, but we just really love seeing things and imagining their story. It’s a fun fall activity too because it’ll take you through some really cute towns and you can stop to apple pick or do a corn maze. Adding this to the fall schedule asap…

Lauren: This may or may not be super unique but we love finding new and random shows to watch on Netflix. Not the cool, top rated stuff like Narcos or Sons of Anarch (granted, we watch those too). But most recently, we’ve stumbled across/binged Pokemon, Baby Daddy, SuperGirl and a few others that are a little too embarrassing to name. We also re-watch shows like The Office and Friday Night Lights A LOT.

Sabrina: Sahir and I are both very into fitness and we recently started working out together. If you follow me on Instagram (@simplysabrina) you know that I am taking him all over the city to boutique fitness studios – and who knew? He’s loving it! And… I’m loving having him there. Time goes by so much faster when we are together and even though we aren’t talking to each other for that hour, we are definitely bonding ++ we always go out and get a bite to eat after!

We hope that you got some great new ideas to spend time with your boo. Catch up on previous editions of REALationship Goals here & here. We are always thinking of the new topics for our series so if you have any ideas of topics we should cover next send us a tweet with #REALationshipGoalsQA!