The Perfect Low Calorie Drink with Crystal Light

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Crystal Light Low Calorie Cocktail (8 of 11)

I don’t know about you guys, but I am always on the hunt for yummy low calorie drinks. Rather than just fixing a vodka soda (boring!), I love a little flavor or fruity essence. Well lucky for you, Crystal Light has a ton of great flavors that can definitely amp up your signature cocktail. I picked up a  few  from Walmart and could not be more excited to see what I can work up.

Check out my recipe below for a delicious and light rum cocktail. And don’t worry, the Pure Crystal Light Lemonade is made with all natural sweetener!

Spiked + Skinny Blackberry Lemonade (Serves 2, 5 minute prep)


  • Crystal Light Pure Lemonade – 2 packets
  • Crystal Light Blackberry Lemonade Liquid Drink Mix – 3 drops
  • LaCroix Orange Sparkling Water – 1 can
  • Bacardi Rum or any light rum


1. Pour two packets of lemonade mix into a pitcher of cold water. Stir.

2. Add a few drops of the Blackberry Lemonade Liquid Mix to the mixture. I went with three but you can do as little or as much as you want. Stir again.

3. Pour equal parts rum and sparkling water into the lemonade. The orange mixes so well with the lemon and blackberry flavors but feel free to use any flavor. You can also increase or lessen the rum per your liking.

4. Stir it all together and serve!

This recipe is intended to be enjoyed responsibly, in moderation, and solely by men and women of legal drinking age. Never drink and drive, never drive with someone who has been drinking, and always consume alcohol safely and in moderation.

Crystal Light Low Calorie Cocktail (1 of 11) Crystal Light Low Calorie Cocktail (5 of 11) Crystal Light Low Calorie Cocktail (6 of 11) Crystal Light Low Calorie Cocktail (7 of 11)
Crystal Light Low Calorie Cocktail (11 of 11)

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