12 Days of Giveaways: COSMEDIX Winter Skincare

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The temps in Atlanta have dropped wayyyyy down and I think it’s safe to say, we are officially experiencing winter in all it’s freezing glory. With winter comes dry, lack luster skin and nobody has time for that. Today’s giveaways is the cure we all need this season! Over the past few weeks, I shared my recent skincare journey with COSMEDIX and I’m so excited to bring a little joy to you guys. We’re giving one lucky lady a COSMEDIX skincare bundle of her own to cure those winter dry-skin blues. For the chance to win their Opti Crystal Liquid Crystal Eye Serum (hello, brighter eyes!) + the Purity Detox Scrub + Benefit Clean such a gentle cleanser), just follow the easy steps below. Good luck, ladies! 
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  1. 12.11.16
    Alina said:

    My biggest issue is dry skin especially during the winter months here in Michigan.

  2. 12.11.16
    Andi said:

    Dry skin! 🙁

  3. 12.11.16
    Rust said:

    My biggest skincare challenge is dry skin, the Chicago wind just robs me of moisture.

  4. 12.11.16
    julie said:

    i just really want even complexion

  5. 12.11.16
    Kim Pincombe Cole said:

    I struggle with dry flaky skin in the winter only, so I have to change up my skincare routine to the seasons…

  6. 12.11.16
    Meegan said:

    I also want a good glow and it’s hard with dry flaky skin! I feel like I look like a ghost.

  7. 12.11.16
    Ashley Simmons said:

    My skin tends to get really dry in the winter.

  8. 12.11.16
    Edye said:

    I struggle with dry skin in the winter!

  9. 12.11.16
    Ashley Perez said:

    Dryness of skin is my biggest problem during this time of year. 🙁

  10. 12.11.16
    susana said:

    I must say, the biggest problem for me is like everyone else…….
    Dry Skin!!!

  11. 12.11.16
    Tabathia B said:

    Dry skin is my biggest problem and with that comes the itching and cracked heels and hands

  12. 12.11.16
    Julie L said:

    My biggest challenge is dry, flaking skin! It’s awful and it makes my makeup look atrocious!

  13. 12.11.16
    Stacey Roberson said:

    My skin gets very dry in the Winter, and not matter how much water I drink or lotion/ moisturizer I use, it doesn’t seem to help.

  14. 12.11.16
    Brandi Dawn said:

    I often struggle with dry skin. We have a very dry climate here in Colorado and very low temps!

  15. 12.11.16
    Sara rai said:

    It use to be oily skin, but now its pimples all over. It leaves black marks all over.

  16. 12.11.16
    Latanya said:

    skin is extremely dry

  17. 12.11.16
    Annette said:

    My biggest problem is the need to exfoliate.

  18. 12.11.16
    Shannon said:

    Dry patches around my eyes are my biggest issue.

  19. 12.11.16
    MJ Moore said:

    My skin gets confused in the winter. The cold air and blasting heaters dry me out, but then many heavy-duty moisturizers break me out…

  20. 12.11.16
    Colleen Boudreau said:

    Dry skin!

  21. 12.11.16
    adrienne said:

    My biggest skincare problem in the winter is super chapped lips and dry areas around my nose!

  22. 12.12.16
    Freya said:

    Between the cold NYC temps, central heating & entering pre-menopause before my 40th bday my skin is super dry & dull.

  23. 12.12.16
    Bilqees Bano said:

    In winters I usually get pimples & they really bother me.

  24. 12.12.16
    Michelle Castagne said:

    My biggest issue in the winter is dry skin.

  25. 12.12.16
    Cristina Popescu said:

    My biggest issue in the winter is dry skin.

  26. 12.12.16

    I’m always looking for new skincare products to even out my skin patches. In the summer my skin burns really easily even if I’m only outside for five minutes.

  27. 12.12.16
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    My biggest issue is dry dull skin!

  28. 12.12.16
    amy pugmire said:

    dry skin and anti aging.

  29. 12.12.16
    marie said:

    for me, it’s my complexion

  30. 12.12.16
    Andrea Darst said:

    I have an oily t-zone but dry cheeks and occasional acne!

  31. 12.13.16
    donna said:

    combating dry skin is the most tough for me

  32. 12.13.16
    courtney b said:

    my skin gets SOOO dry. its flaking off- so gross.

  33. 12.13.16
    Katie said:

    Living in NYC means I’m always looking for the best skin care products!

  34. 12.14.16
    Kalyani N said:

    Yes I want good glow too, but my skin becomes dry and flaky in winter! 🙁

  35. 12.14.16
    Nelle said:

    I have combo skin and my cheeks get dry !

  36. 12.14.16
    Katy C. said:

    My biggest issue is dry skin, but I also have a little bit of acne, sun spots and redness!

  37. 12.14.16
    Cynthia Richardson said:

    My biggest winter skincare problems mainly dry lips and dry skin on my hands.

  38. 12.14.16
    linda said:

    i just want my complexion to be even

  39. 12.15.16
    Maria said:

    My skin gets very dry with the cold dry air around here.

  40. 12.15.16
    Breanna Pollard said:


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