Body Love Series Vol. 4: 6 Pack Culture Begone

One of my more popular google searches in years past:

How to get abs…

Guess what – did you know you already have abs? You might not have a strong core. You might not have a visible outline. But you have abs. Even more so, we all have a different shape. So when you see your favorite trainer or a celebrity and say to yourself, I want abs like HER – there’s a good chance you’re going to be let down. Not because you’re not going to put in the work and get results but we all are shaped so differently. No amount of crunches or salads will change that. Your most ripped stomach will look totally different than mine. The moment that clicked for me was the moment my life changed.

Instead of comparing my progress and my natural shape to someone else’s, I strive to work on ME. My current goal is to build a stronger core for lots of other reasons outside of having a six-pack. I want better balance. I want more mobility. I also struggle with lower back pain due to lordosis (a prominent lower back arch a lot of women develop after sitting at a desk job or if their core muscles aren’t strong enough). And yes, I want to trim down some fat. There’s nothing wrong with having a goal around your aesthetic but it should NOT be your priority. Your health should be your focus and a lot of health risks start with tummy fat.

Oh and don’t forget that those abs you see on the gram don’t always look that way. When I wake up first thing in the morning, my abs are poppin’ and my stomach is tighter. By the end of the day, any definition is pretty much out the window and I’m almost always a little bloated. That’s what food and living does to the body. These photos in today’s post, for example, were taken after smashing two boxes of Chick fil a hashbrowns and a large iced coffee. Is there definition? Not really. Do I care? Helllllls no. Because under the skin and fat is a core that is getting stronger and stronger – and a body that is healthy. The appearance of abs or lack thereof does not take away from my hard work or my value. I am not defined by a six pack and neither are you.

This is the last part of my Body Love Series but let’s keep the conversation going! Don’t forget to share your own journey to body love or the part of your body you’re falling back in love with #laurenelycebody!

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Photos by Hannah Lozano