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Time for another WORK IT post! For those new to Fashionably Lo, I started this series last month to dish on all things girlboss/bossbabe because we all need a little extra help or motivation when it comes to growing our empires…right? 

Today’s post is all about networking and adding to your #girlgang. I shared this in my first post but I can’t stress enough the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded, passionate and supportive folks when it comes to amplifying your brand. Whether you’re a blogger or a business owner or just a girl looking to get inspired to start your next big thing, why not turn to an epic support system for help? 

Not quite sure where to start? Check out some of the things that worked for me – all of which have helped me grow Fashionably Lo AND Adorn to the businesses they are today!

  • Use. Social. Media. This should be pretty obvious by now but surprisingly, people still seem surprised that we recommend allocating a portion of your day to engagement on your social platforms. To me, this is simple. Find other bloggers or brands or influencers that are following a similar path or genre as you and comment, like, share to your heart’s content. This is how I met Megan by the way. I posted a photo over 2 years ago sharing that I was going to LuckyFABB and Megan commented on my photo (probably found me via a hashtag). We commented back and forth, met for coffee, traveled to LA together and then launched a business. It. Works. Seriously, use your platforms to find new besties or potential clients. Join Facebook Group, Group Pinterest Boards or just start following and interacting with other #bossbabes. You’d  be surprised how many blogger friendships or partnerships formed over Instagram or Twitter #Bachelor chats.

  • Attend all the events. This is something I’m actualy still working on. I hate going to events. I tend to find myself heading home from work with the longest to-do list for my 2 other jobs (the blog and Adorn) and all I want to do is pour myself a glass of wine and turn on The Office. Sometimes, I have to literally drag myself up, put on something that passes for cute and go out to an event I forgot I RSVPd to. But let me tell ya, I have met so many bloggers and clients this way. I’d say almost nothing beats face-to-face networking so grab your business cards, all the personality you can muster and head out to get your small talk on. It will help I promise. 

  • Join Communities! Ive talked about The Blog Societies a few times before and am actually heading to their annual conference in a few weeks but seriously, if you are a blogger and haven’t joined their squad yet – do. it. now. I’ve met about 70% of my Atlanta blogger besties through TBS and I credit a lot of my motivation for my blog and Adorn to the dynamic duo behind the community (Jessica and Cathy are seriously the best). Groups like this  not only give you that sense of belonging with other people with similar passions but they can also offer up opportunities, resources and so much more to help you group your blog or business. If you’re in marketing or PR, join your city’s PRSA chapter. Want to meetup with local small businesses, organize a gathering or start a Facebook group. The opportunities are endless, especially when you have a support system. 

  • Tap Into Friends & Family. I’m not going to lie. I almost always forgot to do this. Whether I have an event coming up, a hosting gig I need attendees for, a big campaign I’m launching with a brand, etc., I somehow tend to forget to tell the people who automatically sorta have to support it. They are pretty much a built in support system and who should 100% use them when you can. And I don’t mean use in a bad way – I mean leverage their networks and their reach to help you spread your message. When I was part of Redbook Magazine’s Best Dressed Awards, my family went in on the voting promo. I was getting dozens of notifications each day that my Aunt Judy was sharing my link several times and tagging me in posts. My cousins that I don’t get to speak to on a regular basis are always sharing my posts or fun things going on with Fashionably Lo. A friend of my aunt’s is one of my previous clients. It’s amazing what family can do so don’t forget to turn to them if you need help or want to spread your brand to even more people through your blood lines or friend connections. 

Have some tips for growing your network or have an idea for a future WORK IT POST? Sound off below! 

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  1. 7.21.16
    Victoria said:

    I love this look! All white has been a go-to for me all summer, plus, it helps when that adorable skirt is such a good deal!
    I definitely have to work on all these points. Even though I just started blogging, it’s exciting to know the possibilities that come from using your resources correctly!

    xx Victoria

    • 7.21.16
      Lauren said:

      Thanks so much girl!!

  2. 7.21.16
    Edye said:

    Great tips and outfit! <3

    Edye |

  3. 7.21.16

    this outfit is absolute perfection! i’m obsessed with the white on white! enjoy your evening!!


  4. 7.21.16
    Rachel said:

    Love your all white look! So pretty!

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