Black + White in Paris

If I could only wear one color combo for the rest of my life, it would 100% be black and white. It’s simple. It’s modern. It’s clean. It’s chic. What’s not to love? So it was a no brainer to bust out this look for our first casual dinner in Paris. I caught some sort of flu-like cold on the flight over (or maybe it was in Mexico, who knows) so I pretty much felt like death by the time we got to our airbnb. AllI wanted to do was throw on a comfy top and jeans and this look was the perfect remedy. 

I’ve work this top probably a good 15 times in the past few months since I got it which is a lot for me and I just can’t get enough. I love the color block detail and the overall fit. It’s a little fitted at the top and pretty loose on the bottom so you can eat all of the pasta and bread you want….yassss. I also love the length. I usually love wearing tops that fall a little longer – I just feel like they’re more flattering for some reason. There is just so much to love ha

Paired with these white ripped jeans that I haven’t stopped wearing since Mexico and my favorite slides that got completely ruined in Paris, this look was perfect for dinner in our Parisian ‘hood. Fun fact: we went to this amazing Italian restaurant and loved it so much that we ate there again a few nights later. If I’m being honest, I probably could’ve ordered the pasta arrabbiata 10 times on the trip and been totally happy. So. Good.