Adult Spring Break…Sort Of

PG March Picks -1

Now that I am officially off of vacation mode (#takemeback), I’m in major ‘let’s get ready for spring weather!’ mode. Which basically means figuring out how my skin and hair will react with the change in temperatures, humidity, etc. Take this week for example: Monday was gloomy. Tuesday was super sunny (and filled with 100% pollen) and Wednesday and Thursday are set for 90% chances of rain. I just don’t understand Atlanta weather. Like at all. And guess what….neither does my beauty routine. It’s always changing and adapting based on my surroundings.

I recently added a few new staples to my routine for an easy transition into adult spring break (not even a thing — I just like to pretend). Check ‘em out below and let me know which of the products you’re excited to try/add to your spring beauty routine!

Head & Shoulders Nourishing Shampoo + Conditioner

PG March Picks -2

Not only are my curls totally fried from the sun and salt water that makes up Cartagena beaches, but the random Atlanta temps have not helped at all. To keep my locks fresh and moisturized, I recently switched to Head & Shoulders’ Nourishing line and absolutely love it. With a blend of guar bean, cotton seed and soft wood extracts, the formula has a targeted system that delivers cleansing, conditioning, AND anti-dandruff benefits. That my friends is what we would call a triple threat.

Olay Fresh Outlast Energizing Body Wash in Lime + White Tea

PG March Picks -3

To ensure my skin stays moisturized and soft with all of the sun I plan on getting this season, I love using this Olay Body Wash. The lime + white tea scent is amazing (hello spa day) and it leaves my skin looking vibrant without drying it out. Take that Atlanta dry heat!

Clairol CC+ ColorSeal Conditioner

PG March Picks -4

As a resident color-obsessed, DIY hair dyer…I need all of the conditioning treatments I can get my hands on (especially in Atlanta’s hot spring and summer temps)! While I don’t plan on changing over from blonde in the near future, I love that I can use one of the customized ColorSeal conditioners from Clairol to keep my locks conditioned and vibrant in between colorings. The coolest part? The Nice’n Easy CC+ Colorseal Conditioner is formulated with a new ingredient, Histidine, to protect your hair color from the damaging effects of copper found in water.

Ready for your own version of a stay-at-home adult spring break? Of course you are! Leave a comment below with some of the products above you’re looking forward to trying out and a few lucky winners will receive all of the goodies in today’s post!