Athletic Inspired Everyday Style

Talk about a style evolution. I never thought I’d be wearing Adidas track pants on date night. Like, not in a million years. I’ve never been much of an athletic or sporty person. The closest I got to wearing “sporty” casual was rocking Soffe shorts in high school. As an adult, if I’m not in the gym or running errands, the most “Athletic” I’ll get is in a pair of joggers and heels. So you get the point.

That is, until recently. I’m not sure what has shifted but for the past few weeks, I’ve been really into athletic-inspired style and dressing it up for more modern, everyday looks. During one of my latest shopping hauls at ASOS, I picked up two new Adidas pieces that I couldn’t wait to wear and have now worn them a good ten times over the past few weeks. They’re just so good.

And no, this isn’t sponsored by Adidas…but hey, Adidas, if you’re reading I’d totally be open to it.


Anyways, let’s start with the track pants. I didn’t play soccer in high school but I thought the girls that did were SO cool. They would rock their Adidas sweats from class to the field and just looked so fit and effortless. I’m not embarrassed at all to admit that I ordered these soles to get that feeling even if just for my try-on at home. And guys, I put them on and felt 10x cooler than before. How can sweatpants do that?? Outside of the obvious ways to wear them – to the gym, traveling, running to the grocery store – I wanted to challenge myself to make them a little more modern and “girly” and by girly, I just mean a little more dressed up.

For a date night look, I opted for a bodysuit, heels, a bold crossbody bag and of course a jean jacket tied around my waist for that added layer of casual/cool. There’s something about wearing heels and sweats that make you feel like an instant badass. Can’t explain it but just believe me It’s great. I definitely plan on incorporating these more and more into my everyday outfits. I sort of love the idea a white button down and loafers for something casual or dressing them up again with pumps and a cropped tank a la an updated Sporty Spice.





Piece number two is this Adidas bodysuit. Not your go-to when you think of must have athletic wear but this thing is probably my new favorite piece in my closet. The material is sort of like a swimsuit – but not as thick. It’s sweat resistant (perfect or summer days) and fits like a glove in all the right places. For a slightly more laid-back look, I slid on these wide-leg white pants and loved the balance of the tighter fitting bodysuit and loose/flowy bottoms. I first wore this look to a comedy show with Brandon last weekend and then couldn’t resist a copycat look for lunch the next week. You could also go with jeans or denim shorts + sneakers for a cool daytime outfit or dress it up even more with a little leather mini and sandals.





So what can we gather? I am now in full on sporty mode. But with a twist. Wanna join in on the fun? Shop some of my favorite athletic inspired pieces below.

Photos by Shelby Gordon. 


  1. 6.12.18
    Tabitha said:

    Great post! I love how outside the box you are with your looks and outfits. I would never think to add heels to a jogging set, but you pull it off beautifully. I can’t wait to see more athletic looks ( I also wore the soffee shorts in high school as well, all the time).


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