Amazon Baby Purchases

We are officially five weeks out from baby girl’s due date. Like, how is that even possible?? You guys probably know by now that I’ve been very excited about the whole prep process. My Type A, overly organized self has thrived during the nesting phase of pregnancy and you could say I’ve basically become best friends with our neighborhood’s Amazon delivery team. I’m not the least bit ashamed to admit that there are some weeks where they see me multiple times a day.

When you’re a first time expecting mom, it’s kinda hard not to want to buy all the things. I know – there’s not much Lola will need in her first few months of life. Our main job is to make sure she’s fed, changed and gets rest. However, there are also a ton of things that might make the transition to this new adventure a little more seamless or less challenging – so we’re diving head first into all of the baby items I’ve purchased throughout my pregnancy.

Most of these items came highly recommended from friends and family. I also scoured “newborn must haves” lists to figure out which items were nice to haves vs “essentials”. Again, you don’t NEED much of anything besides diapers and a place for her to sleep (and whatever plan & supplies you have for feeding) but let’s be real, I’m sure a lounger or bottle warmer don’t hurt, either.

Without further ado, here are all of the newborn essentials I’ve purchased from Amazon over the last few months! I’ll definitely keep you guys updated on what we actually use and recommend but in the meantime, bookmark and save this one for later because I have a feeling most of these will definitely come in handy.

Amazon Baby Purchases: Gear

Amazon Baby Purchases: Diapering & Feeding

Amazon Baby Purchases: Health & Safety