A Little Glow Boost

I have to admit something to you guys. I have a new guilty pleasure. It’s not a new Netflix binge or cookie dough ice cream, although I do love both equally. Ya ready? .

I’m addicted to spa night.

My new favorite thing to do is to treat myself to a spa night at home. I put it on my calendar. I look forward to it all day. I even sometimes invite Brandon to join in – but not often because a girl needs some ME time. But either way, I love a spa night. My latest obsession should come as no surprise because I haven’t been able to stop talking about the new Olay Clay Stick Masks. You guys…they are amazeballs.


Designed for precise application and formulated with premium Kaolin clay that micro-exfoliates to remove skin-dulling impurities, the Clay Stick Masks are not only easy to use but are mess free. I’ll say it again – they’re mess free. That just might be my favorite part. Not only that, but they’re great for multitasking. I’ll apply my Glow Boost Mask, paint my nails and soak in a hot bath all at the same time – and it’s amazing.

I’ve tried all three of the varieties (scooped ‘em up at Walmart)  of the new Olay Clay Stick Masks but I’d have to say my favorite is the Glow Boost. I’ve always had pretty good skin but my biggest concern was always a little bit of dullness. I just always felt like my skin, especially in the cheekbones region, just looked super dull and flat. Not that I want to be shiny all of the time but a girl could use some glow every now and then.

The Glow Boost Mask is formulated with premium Kaolin clay and white charcoal to remove the buildup of dead skin cells and bring new healthy skin cells to the surface, revealing your skin’s natural glow. It’s perfect for dull patches or an all-over natural glow. So yeah, it’s my favorite.

I’ve been using the mask for a few weeks now and have noticed such a big difference. I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I even skip applying highlighter because my glow is that real.

Now that I have my new skincare routine and a favorite new hobby, I can’t wait to host my girls over for spa night!


This post was written in collaboration with Olay. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

Photos by Shelby Gordon


  1. 11.12.18
    Tabitha said:

    Great post! I’ve heard good things about Olay, but I’ve never tried any. I would love to hear a review of this weeks later to see how it holds up!


  2. 11.18.18

    Wow! Sounds amazing!! Always love a glow!

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