7 Gym Bag Essentials

Is anyone else in utter disbelief that summer is right around the corner? We all know what this means: bikinis, short shorts, pool parties…the list goes on. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably putting in a little extra work at the gym to tone things up a just a little bit more or squeeze into that adorable gingham one-piece (I’m heading to Mexico City and Cancun in May – so the bod’s gotta be tight!).

To help me get the most out of my workouts, I swear by having a full stocked gym bag that carries all of the essentials for a killer & super effective sweat sesh. I’ve rounded up my Top Seven Gym Bag Essentials – check ‘em out below!

My Top Seven Gym Bag Essentials:

    1. Water Bottle: Well obviously. But sometimes I seriously forget to grab a bottle of water so having a cute, insulated water bottle in my bag at all times is super important. Just make sure you wash it after each use!
    2. Chic Headphones: These white + gold headphones make me feel super chic during a workout. I mean, can you blame me? Having something to keep the music in and the distractions out is a must for a gym sesh. I love to blast Top 40 Hip Hop or the latest playlist from my favorite spin class – what tunes do you love?
    3. Playtex® Sport® Compact®: Total. Game. Changer. I am obsessed with the new Playtex®Sport®Compact® – the most compact compact* from the #1 athletic tampon**. Like 30% smaller than the full size and it fits discreetly in the palm of your hand. So, basically it’s the perfect lady product for your gym routine. I love keeping a few of the Playtex® Sport® Compact® Regular and Playtex® Sport® Compact® Super (pick up the Playtex® Sport® Compact® Combo Pack for both!) in my workout bag at all times so I’m never caught off guard. Having that extra feeling of protection and backup helps to keep me confident during a workout – which is SO key. I tend to stock up whenever I run to Target and love that you can now take advantage of the Playtex® PlayOn ®Tryout Kit – a Free Tryout Kit with any purchase. You mail in the reward and they send a pair of wireless headphones, Hawaiian Tropic 2 oz. sunscreen, a Goody headwrap and an EOS lip balm (and everything is hot pink and so fun!)
    4. Extra Sports Bra: Raise your hand if you’ve ever forgotten your sports bra. Me: almost once a week. If I’m heading to the gym after a meeting, I sometimes forget to pack a sports bra with the rest of my look so I always keep one in my bag as backup. This is also good to have on hand for a post-workout look so you can get out of the sweaty clothes.
    5. Portable Phone Charger: I don’t know what it is but my phone almost always dies right before a workout. Or, right in between stints on the treadmill. I always keep a mobile charger in my bag so I can blast my favorite tunes and track my workouts without worrying about how much juice I have!
    6. Fitness Watch: It doesn’t matter what brand you like, but having a fitness watch to track your exercise is key to a successful workout. I love being able to sync my music and favorite workout apps and keep track from my wrist.
    7. Sunglasses: Now that the weather is pretty much perfect for an al fresco run, I love taking my workouts outside. An extra pair of sunglasses is a must. I have super sensitive eyes so I always need a cute pair of sunnies to block the extra sun rays and pollen.

What gym bag essentials do you swear by? Comment below!

Thank you to Playtex® for sponsoring this post.

*Based on length before extension vs. leading brands

**Based on sales data for the 52-week period ending 2/4/17


  1. 4.20.17

    Totally agree on all of your picks here. I typically need a snack too. For afterwards. I’m so hungry as soon as I finish a workout.

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. 4.20.17
    Tiffany Elam said:

    I always have my blender bottle and BCAA’s handy. Really helps with soreness post workout!

  3. 4.27.17
    DeeDee said:

    I carry a freshen up kit. But I also have some total body wipes for post workout. A change of workout gear in a pinch. I might not be able to shower and get glamorous…but I don’t have to be drenched on the commute home.

  4. 5.4.17
    Julie said:

    Hi I really like your Nike shoes. Do you mind telling me what kind of nike is it like exactly? Like the exact name of it. Thank you so much ????

  5. 5.4.17
    Jem said:

    Extra Spray on deodorant, I like Degree for Athletics. I also need an extra pair of socks! Sometimes you need gym socks because you didn’t wear socks to work.

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