5 Things That Bring Me Joy on The Daily

How often do we truly ever celebrate the little things in life? We go on an on about the things that upset us, complaining, shouting out our frustrations. Very rarely do we (or at least very rarely do I), talk about the things that make me happy. So today, I’m deciding to switch up my mindset and talk about the things that have been making me smile on the regular lately!

  1. Our new neighborhood: I snapped these photos with Shelby in our new ‘hood and I’m so obsessed with where we live. I was super hesitant about moving to Smyrna. I mean – I just assumed we would be stuck in the boring suburbs with nothing to do and zero culture. I was wrong. There are so many adorable restaurants and shops around our house and we’re slowly starting to explore them one by one. And this makes me happy. Trying new places and proving myself wrong – it’s a win win.
  2. Cold brew: I’ve been sharing my cold brew concoctions from Starbucks over on my IG Stories a lot lately and you guys seem to love them as much as I do. I have been making it a priority to take a little “me time” and get myself a treat every morning after the gym. Lately, I’ve been digging a grande cold brew + 1 pump maple pecan + 1 pump SF vanilla. It literally makes me smile every time I take a sip and I can’t get enough.
  3. The Office: I’m almost embarrassed to admit how many times I’ve watched The Office. I’m currently on another binge of the show and it is quite possibly my all-time favorite. I have it playing in the background while I work from home and even love to watch it during my treadmill workout at the gym. I find a new joke every time I rewatch it and just can’t get enough Michael Scott!
  4. A Star Is Born Soundtrack: If you haven’t seen the movie A Star Is Born, stop what you’re doing and buy your ticket now. It is 100% part of my Top 5 movies of all time – it’s that good. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga blew me away with their acting but the vocals are out of this world. I haven’t stopped listening to the soundtrack and while some of the songs sorta make me cry, I can’t help but smile whenever I think about the movie and how spectacular it is.
  5. New workout clothes: I’ve talked a lot about my love for workout clothes and, like everyone else, new clothes makes me wanna workout even more. Lately, I feel like I might be getting a little too obsessed. I could care less about buying new regular clothes because a new sports bra or pair of leggings just makes me so happy. I love to find new brands and new fits especially when I’m trying out new studios or exercises!

What brings you joy or makes you smile on a daily basis? Comment below! 


Photos by Shelby Gordon 


  1. 10.9.18

    Love hearing what brings you joy! Your new home is looking so good – thanks for sharing it with us. My niece lives in Smyrna near Campbell High School. She likes the neighborhood too. I love the Concord covered bridge area of Smyrna. From living in Cartersville for 17 years and my sister living in Buckhead I know the area well.

  2. 10.9.18
    Tabitha said:

    Great post! I love this message and how you listed out your deep and fun joys in life. It always amazes me how instantly happy I feel when I list out what brings me joy.


  3. 10.16.18

    Love this list!
    Manicures and blowouts make me happy!
    Matcha iced tea, fitting in a workout (of course I feel happier after I’m finished!)
    A good laugh trumps all!

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