5 Healthy Habits to Start the New Year

It’s week two of a new year and I have a strong feeling that the majority of you reading this probably set some sort of goal (or goals) for 2020 that has a little something with your health. Same girl, same.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, prepare for a marathon or just feel more comfortable in your skin – a lot of us set fitness goals at the start of a new year. A lot of also never see those goals come to life. After a few weeks, we stop going to the gym. We stop making healthy meals and opt for faster options. We cancel workouts and make plans for social outings. We skip the 5k. We’ve all been there and there’s a good reason for it. Instead of building healthy habits, we tend to set goals that will take us from 0 to 100 and let’s be real, that typically never ends well.

Regardless of your health goals this year, I want you to add these habits into your routine starting today. Do NOT wait for Monday – do you hear me? To establish a healthier lifestyle you have to not only break away from that “I’ll start next week” mentality but you have to start tackling small lifestyle changes. I got you.

5 Healthy Habits to Start Today

#1 Wake up with twenty pushups.

Every. Single. Morning. I still can’t do a standard push up and while I might need to pop to my knees to crank out a full set, one of my personal goals for 2020 is to be able to perform a set of 10 standard push-ups without a break. Whether you have a similar goal or are just looking to get in better shape in the new year, starting your day with a little activity is a great way to get in the right mindset. As soon as you get out of bed, pop down to the floor and crank out twenty push-ups – knees up or down, up to you. I promise you’ll start to feel stronger after a few days and there’s something about getting in a mini sweat before 8:00am that makes you want to make healthier decisions throughout the day.

#2 Stand in front of the mirror and do the Superman pose before starting your day.

I know this might sound silly but a friend of mine told me about this and how it’s supposed to boost confidence and set a good intention for the day. I’ve been doing this every morning for a few weeks now and I kid you not, it’s the best thing ever.

After I brush my teeth and get dressed (sometimes performed right when I get out of the shower lol), I stand in front of the mirror with my hands on my hips and my chest pushed out. I set my timer for 30 seconds and I rock the pose. Shout out a few affirmations for the day: I will conquer that 2:00 client meeting. I will not skip my afternoon workout. I love my thighs. When your thirty seconds are up, go on about your day with your head held a little higher.

I think a huge part of your fitness journey has a lot to do with your mental health. Taking this time each day to take a beat and pour some positive energy into yourself is key.

#3 Drink more water.

I know – how original. But seriously, you need to be hydrated and there’s a good chance you’re not drinking enough water. There are so many different recommendations on how much water you should be drinking but an easy place to start is by drinking at least HALF of your weight in ounces. So, for example, I currently weigh 156 pounds and am aiming for 80 oz of water per day. Take your weight – divide by two – that’s how many ounces of water you should be drinking.

I also recently bought a Hydrojug and love it! It’s bright, bold and sort of forces me to drink water throughout the day. You can’t really ignore it.

#4 Start with TWO workouts every week for the next four weeks.

No matter where you’re starting in your fitness journey, I want you to commit to getting in TWO solid workouts every single week for the next 4 weeks. Not 1 this week and 3 next week. I want you to get at least two, 45-minute workouts in. Sign up for a class, hop on a cardio machine or try one of the workouts in my 4 Week Challenge. Either way, commit to starting small and if you get in more workouts after the two, great! After week 4, bump it up to three workouts a week. After week 8, shoot for four and so on until you’re able to get in 4-6 workouts each week.

You’re more likely to build long-lasting habits when you start small and ease your way up. If you don’t work out regularly, going straight from zero to six workouts is almost impossible to maintain. Your body also needs the time to get used to the added stresses!

#5 Put your workouts in your calendar.

Every Sunday night, I map out my workouts for the week and then schedule them on my calendar. Having a set time I plan to make it to the gym or a class not only holds me accountable but when you treat it like an appointment, you’re less likely to cancel or skip it.

Take it one step further and write out your workout in your Notes or in a journal. If you’re going to the gym to do your own training (i.e. not working with a trainer or taking a class), nothing is worse than walking around aimlessly with no idea what to do next. Write down the 5-7 things you want to get done along with how many sets and reps so you have a guide to stick to during your workout!