4 Bloggers That Inspire Self Love

Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies! Earlier this week I shared a few ideas for dates to take yourself on because we are obviously all about self-love and celebration over here. I’m all for showing a little extra love to your boo today but you don’t need ideas for that. The rest of the internet totally has you covered. Instead, I’m bringing the focus back to us. And by us, I mean badass women.

Let’s be real, we all need to work on loving ourselves a little more. However, finding the best approach can be a little tricky. We’re selfless creatures at our core and tend to push all of the love we have to our husbands, boyfriends, kids, friends, family, etc. We run out of love for ourselves so, today, I’m giving you a few extra doses of inspiration to spread some of that love to yourself.

For me, one of my favorite reminders to get in that extra dose of self love is to surround myself with amazing women. I have an awesome group of girlfriends that inspire me on the daily but it doesn’t have to end there. There are a few bloggers that I absolutely adore and it’s not because their outfits are on point (although, that doesn’t hurt). I look to these women for their messages of inspiration and empowerment on a regular basis and I guarantee they will do nothing but help in your journey to loving yourself more. So without further ado…

Four Bloggers To Inspire Your Self Love Journey


Britney is the girl behind the health & wellness blog Fitty Britty and one badass babe I can’t get enough of. I came across her IG account last year when I was just starting my fitness journey and am so glad I did. Her content centered around body positivity offer up endless messages of inspiration and seeing her do so well in this industry keeps me motivated on a daily basis. She is curvy and beautiful and a major boss and the best part, she seems totally down to earth and so much fun to be around. Of course, I haven’t met her but her candid Stories make me feel like we’re total besties and that’s a girl you want to follow.


Okay. So, Sabrina is my bestie but I promise I’m not biased. We have been friends for a few years now and this woman continues to inspire me. For those that don’t her by now, Sabrina runs the Atlanta based lifestyle blog Simply Sabrina. Covering everything from beauty and fitness to style and travel, Sabrina has this secret talent for making every post feel like a conversation with your best friend. She is witty and funny and colorful and REAL. Everything I love in a writer. On top of that, she is super passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion in this industry and serves as such a great example of a badass woman of color doing great things. Freaking love her . Oh and Sabrina if you are reading this, call me. I have something HIARIOUS to tell you.


I don’t even know where to start with this goddess. Asiyami is probably one of the first travel bloggers I followed and she has been the source of so much inspiration for my own content. Visually, she is one of the best content creators out there. But she’s so much more than an aesthetics genius. As a woman of color, she inspires so many to get out there and explore and create. She’s landed major campaigns and worked on such kickass projects with some of the country’s top brands and as a smaller blogger, she’s someone I truly look up to. On top of alllllll of that, she is a true storyteller and that’s something I think we need more of this industry. She reminds me constantly to push my creativity and strive for uniqueness and I just hnestly really really obsessed with her. That is all.


In the spirit of firsts, I think Naty was actually one of the first bloggers I ever followed. I don’t even remember how I came across her blog but I just loved her sense of authenticity and she seemed like a girl I would be friends with. Now, well I freakin’ love everything about her. She exudes positivity and just constantly amazes me with her strength and courage and overall awesomeness. She followed her dream and recently moved to New York City. She traveled solo to Italy (goals). She has this amazing voice and shares bits and pieces of her fitness journey in such a relatable way that continues to inspire me. One of my favorite things about Naty is her love for family and her followers. She dishes out all the love to those around her but still has this awesome balance of loving herself and celebrating her wins. So amazing.

Photos by Shelby Gordon


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