My Baby Registry Must Haves

I’m not gonna lie to you guys, our registry has been pretty much complete since the end of my first trimester. I know I know. I’m a psycho. I can’t help myself. This Type A personality of mine won’t let me just sit back and relax. I love a list so creating a list of all of the things we need/want for Lola’s arrival this Summer was one list I was very excited to get started on.

I spoke with a ton of friends and family about their must have items. I poured over a ton of registries I found online, including some from friends. I spent hours researching and comparing. To say this list is comprehensive would be an understatement. For the sake of today’s post, I’m only highlighting the essentials and favorites but if you want to check out our entire registry, I’ve included those details, too!


For anyone that wants to check out all of the items we included on our registry, you can peep the link below. Our registry is pretty comprehensive – there’s a lot on there. As I found items that we needed/wanted, I simply added them to the registry both as gift ideas and as a shopping list for us. We definitely don’t expect our friends and family to buy every single item but having everything in one place so we can easily track what we have and what we still need to get just made it a lot easier to prepare for Lola’s arrival this summer.

click here to download my baby registry checklist

What we used to build our registry

We used Babylist to create our registry after a few recommendations from friends. Adding items to the registry is so easy and you’ve got options. You can add the ‘Add to Babylist” extension to your desktop/laptop bookmarks bar and your phone’s sharing options (download the free app to set this up) to quickly add items from around the web to your list. You can also add items from the Babylist Store. I love that when you add an item, if it’s available on multiple sites they automatically pull in those different links so your family/friends have options to shop.

Clothes & Accessories

I feel like clothes are one of the main things people will want to buy the baby. Everyone loves to see them dressed up and looking all cute and snuggly – I can’t blame them. One of the biggest pieces of advice I received was to provide a few options on your registry for family and friends so they could not only get a sense of the style and brands you like but it also gives them options to shop! The second biggest piece of advice? Zippers only when it comes to onesies/footies. Apparently snaps are the last thing you want to deal with during late night feedings.

As for sizing, we’re not really planning for or asking for clothing past the 6-9 months sizing. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve purchased quite a few things on my own that will take Lola through her first year (and maybe beyond). Confessions of a first time girl mom. Based on popular advice, for the Newborn and 0-3 months stages you’ll really only need/want onesies and footies versus cute sets. And then for 3-6 months and 6-9/6-12 months you’ll start dressing the baby in those fun outfits.

Some of my favorite brands that we’ve shopped and added to the registry:

  • Kyte Baby: top recommendation for footies/pajamas and sleep sacks. I might have every color in almost every size option – oops. They’re so soft and at a $30 price point, they’re a great gift option.
  • Goumi: great footies, gowns, knitwear set, booties and mittens
  • Colored Organics: really cute outfits and sets, great quality

Baby Gear Essentials

Obviously the baby only needs food and a place to sleep so when I say essentials in this category and the next few categories listed, these are honestly nice-to-haves. They’re items that friends and family have recommended based on their experience – gear that has made the transition into life with a newborn a little easier. I never want you to feel pressure to get all of these things – I also can only recommend products since I’m a first time mama. Once Lola is here and we’ve had a chance to use all of our new gear, I’ll plan to share updates on what we love, what we hated, what we used, etc. so stay tuned for that!

Play Essentials

Feeding Essentials

Diapering Essentials

Again, these are just the main/big ticket items. You can find my other top essentials in the instant download below OR by checking out our full baby registry linked here.


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