2 Ways to Add Personal Touches to Your Home

When it comes to home decor, there are endless possibilities and styles. You can go modern + minimal or southern chic. You can opt for bold colors and patterns or keep things neutral and classic. No matter what your design style is, it’s so easy to add personal touches that make your house truly feel like a home.

no. 1: Show off your travels

This just might be my favorite way to add personal touches to your space. Brandon and I found out early on that we share a love for adventure and travel. We started traveling together early on in our relationship and whether it’s been to Chicago to visit family or to Morocco and Ibiza for big birthday celebrations, we’ve made it a major priority to make memories. Seeing those memories on display sprinkled throughout your home is a super special reminder of all of the special places you’ve been!

One of the easiest ways is with photos and prints. I am obsessed with these black and white canvas prints Shelby got me featuring some amazing shots from our trip to Italy.

Send your favorite images to get blown up or create photo books to display around the house. There’s nothing better than flipping through albums years after an adventure or taking a trip down memory lane whenever you walk into a room.

Another fun way to highlight your travels in home decor is by displaying souvenirs. I usually don’t buy many things when I travel but when I do I opt for pieces that could fit right in to our decor. I picked up a fun striped rug in Marrakech and we scored a few adorable black and white trinkets in Cairo that make for great toppers for book shelves.

As we were planning for the new house, I knew right away that I wanted to do a gallery wall of maps for all of the destinations we’ve visited together. This was one of the many projects I saw on Pinterest but there always seemed to be a ridiculous price tag attached. Some of the maps I saw were $50+ a piece and that didn’t include a frame. That was a bit much for me especially knowing we wanted to do a ton of maps. For a more budget friendly DIY approach, I found a listing on Etsy for map files that I could print myself. I sent her the names of locations and she emailed me a set of the pdf files. You can totally customize them based on your own decor style which I loved. I ordered a ton of black picture frames on Amazon in bulk, printed the maps at home and got to work. We get so many compliments on our gallery wall and it’s sort of fun to see it every day and get reminded of everywhere we’ve been. I can’t wait to add more destinations to our wall!

no. 2: Use accessories

I totally stole our hat wall idea from Jessica and am pretty glad I did because it somehow makes our master bedroom so much cozier. Decorating with accessories is not only a cool way to add personality to any space but it also serves a functional purpose if you’re limited on storage. I had no idea where we were going to hang our hats (we have even more in both closets) so placing them on the wall was perfect. The colors go with our minimal decor and we can easily swap out different hats for the seasons.

I also have some of my jewelry and shoes on display in my office. I have a few fun statement pieces in bold prints and they make for great shelf and table toppers.

Photos by Shelby Gordon Photo