12 Days of Giveaways: IT Cosmetics Beauty Sets


Raise your hand if you love a surprise Saturday post! Who doesn’t love new beauty & makeup goodies, especially when it comes to getting your holiday glam on? I’m so excited to be teaming up with IT Cosmetics to give FIVE (5) lucky winners  a fun holiday brush set & mascara combo! I use their brushes on a daily basis and swear by their Superhero mascara so I know you guys will just love this stuff as much as I do.

Entering is super easy – just comment below with your favorite holiday beauty tip and I’ll select five (5) winners at random to win a set of their own. For an extra entry, follow Fashionably Lo on Pinterest and comment below with your username. Winners will be contacted on December 9th – good luck!  

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  1. 12.3.16
    Erin Ellis said:

    My holiday beauty tip is to be festive all season (such as color choices, a bit of shimmer, festive jewelry), and you will always be a stand out.

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!
    erinloves2run at gmail dot com

  2. 12.3.16
    Erin Ellis said:

    I follow you on Pinterest (@ErinLoves2Run)
    erinloves2run at gmail dot com

  3. 12.3.16
    KIKA said:

    Already a follower 🙂 .My pinterest name:argentespañinglatera
    My holiday beauty tip is to take with me my cosmetics, hehehe

  4. 12.3.16
    Melinda G said:

    A sparkly, shimmery dot of gloss in the center of your bottom lip to make your lips pop.

  5. 12.3.16
    KV said:

    My holiday beauty tip is to use some holiday colors to stand out. My pinterest name is bookar.

  6. 12.3.16
    Paulina Ríos said:

    Love this time of the year❤️???????????? so always use red lipsticks And glitter! Shine ???????? And a tip: add glitter liner on top of your normal eyeliner.. So your everyday look a little more festive. ???????????????????????????????????? Ho Ho Ho ???????? Followed on Pinterest:@pepirios
    Kisses from Chile And Happy Holidays.

  7. 12.3.16
    Michelle Castagne said:

    My holiday beauty tip is a soft smokey eye with grey instead of black and wear glittery jewelry.

  8. 12.3.16
    Michelle Castagne said:

    My pinterst username is porschepuppy.

  9. 12.3.16
    carol clark said:

    my holiday tip is to use subtle colors and not over do it and

  10. 12.3.16
    carol clark said:

    my pinterest is ccntx

  11. 12.3.16
    shannon said:

    my holiday beauty tip is to GET LOTS OF REST!

  12. 12.3.16
    Stefanie G said:

    my favorite holiday tip is to add a bit of sparkle to your eyes with a sparkly eyeshadow when you finish your makeup look!

  13. 12.3.16
    Stefanie G said:

    I also follow on pinterest – stefaniegladden

  14. 12.3.16
    Cristina Popescu said:

    My favorite holiday tip is smokey eye and red lipstick. Pinterest: Popescu Cristina

  15. 12.3.16
    Kim Pincombe Cole said:

    My favorite holiday beauty tip is self tanner. If you’re fair skinned (like me!) that little bit of bronzing makes all the difference. And a red lip is always in style for the holidays!
    {also following you on Pinterest: pinterest.com/rainesmom}

  16. 12.3.16
    amy pugmire said:

    I love adding some shine to my makeup routine. I love to glow during the holidays. The cover Fx drops are my fav right now!

  17. 12.3.16
    CR Williams said:

    My fave holiday tip is if you are going to a holiday party, you have to use any makeup with glitter, it brings a more festive look.

  18. 12.3.16
    CR Williams said:

    My pinterest username is adorablesweetp

  19. 12.3.16
    Karen Jaras said:

    Keep your makeup simple so you can keep your kit light and reduce the stress on parties. I follow on Pinterest.

  20. 12.3.16
    Natashakat said:

    blending is the key for the perfect eye makeup!

    pinterest blublu899

  21. 12.3.16
    Jennifer Truong said:

    My holiday tip is to bling out with sparkly jewelry and make your makeup festive with shimmer and holiday colors!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity.

    Pinterest: @jennifermtruong

  22. 12.3.16
    Cassie Eastman said:

    My favorite holiday beauty tip is to add some shimmer to the top of your cheeks! I also make sure to use extra moisturizer to help my skin glow during the holiday season.

  23. 12.3.16
    Cassie Eastman said:

    Following on pinterest – pinterest.com/eastman520

  24. 12.3.16
    Cynthia Richardson said:

    My favorite holiday beauty tip is to go slow on the alcohol. Drink a glass of water for every drink. That way you quench your thirst so you can sip your spirits.
    Pinterest -hofken

  25. 12.3.16
    Stacey Roberson said:

    For a festive look, add glitter liner on top of your normal eyeliner.

  26. 12.3.16
    Stacey Roberson said:

    I follow on Pinterest: staceymroberson

  27. 12.3.16
    Kenya F said:

    During the holidays if I’m wearing anything strapless, I love putting some glitter makeup around my décolleté area. Also, I smokey eye with red lips is always fabulous!

  28. 12.3.16
    April Crisafulli said:

    I would absolutely say RED LIPSTICK! It totally screams glamour!

  29. 12.3.16
    April Crisafulli said:

    I follow on Pinterest

  30. 12.4.16
    Bilqees Bano said:

    My fav holiday beauty tip is to do sexy smoky eye makeup ..its works in all season.
    My Pinterest : bilqees bano
    Pinterest link : https://www.pinterest.com/billano_kawaii/

  31. 12.4.16
    Annette said:

    To keep lipstick from feathering, apply concealer along the lip line before lining. This works especially well when I wear reds.

  32. 12.4.16
    Annette said:

    I already follow you on Pinterest (@polishedgirl)

  33. 12.4.16
    Candace Aiello said:

    Make one area pop, like eyes or lips, not both. If you do a smokey eye, do a paler lip. For darker lips, lighter eyes.

  34. 12.4.16
    Candace Aiello said:

    I follow on Pinterest


  35. 12.4.16
    amy pugmire said:

    I follow you on pinterest. amy pugmire

  36. 12.4.16
    Heather S said:

    My winter tip is simple but is important: drink more water than you think you need! During winter it’s easy for our water intake to drop since it’s cold outside and we would rather drink peppermint mochas 😉 but water is a HUGE help to our skin.
    Oh, and I’m following on Pinterest too 🙂 kaizenfashion

  37. 12.4.16
    Ashley Ward said:

    I follow you on Pinterest: Schmash2

    I love adding a drop of shimmer to my foundation for the holidays… Like Josie Maran’s Enlightenment Illuminator.

  38. 12.4.16
    Tina F said:

    My best beauty tip is to make sure that you drink lots of water, wash your make up off at night and do not wear too much makeup. Soften the eyes with a nice smokey grey eye shadow blending it just right with a soft colored blush and soft colored lipstick.

  39. 12.4.16
    Tina F said:

    I follow you on Pinterest (Tina F )

  40. 12.4.16
    Helen And. said:

    For the holidays I try to wear just a red lipstick and nothing else. I leave my face natural and it shows nice in pictures!

    I follow you in Pinterest (pinterest.com/helenncg).

  41. 12.4.16
    Alina said:

    My holiday tip would be to make your eyeliner more bold especially when going out in the evenings.

  42. 12.4.16
    Alina said:

    Pinterest follower: alinapicazo

  43. 12.4.16
    Anna Y said:

    Red lipstick and glittery eyeshadow! Followed on pinterest (skinnyd0nut)

  44. 12.4.16
    Christy DuBois said:

    What a generous giveaway that I would love to win. My only beauty tip is even when I feel that my hair just isn’t doing how I want it to, I can pull it up and with my makeup and a bold lip (something in the reddish family) I usually get a lot of compliments. Therefore I feel the bold lip adds a lot to my look. I do normally wear a nudish lip color. Thanks so much.

  45. 12.4.16
    Christy DuBois said:

    I also have been following on Pinterest and of course still am.
    Pinterest link: https://www.pinterest.com/christypeeplesd/

  46. 12.4.16
    Ashley Perez said:

    I love to apply a primer on my lips before I apply my lipstick. (: The lipstick will stay on my lips longer with a primer. I follow on Pinterest and my Username is breeluv8. would love to win!

  47. 12.4.16
    Lina said:

    Great giveaway!
    While on holidays I try to stick to a minimal make up routine that lasts all day.

  48. 12.4.16
    Kelsey g said:

    My holiday tip is to be bold and try something new! You may surprise yourself and find something you absolutely love! Maybe start with a darker lip color! Pinterest = thekelsey

  49. 12.4.16
    Julie L said:

    My tip is to use a little visine to lighten those under eye circles! We all miss out on sleep during the hectic holidays, no reason we can’t look well rested though!

  50. 12.5.16
    Jc Loh said:

    Favorite holiday tip is to drink lots of lemon water, works great on the skin.

  51. 12.5.16
    Cake for pleasure said:

    trying to get lots of sleep

  52. 12.5.16
    Cake for pleasure said:



  53. 12.5.16
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    The smoky eye look and red lips/nails is great for the holidays!

  54. 12.5.16
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    I follow on Pinterest!

  55. 12.5.16
    Laura Romans said:

    A holiday beauty tip I’m using recently is to add a touch of highlighter under your brows and right on the inside of your eyes – adds a little pop and brightens the eyes a bit! Following on Pinterest (@ohhhlaura)

  56. 12.5.16
    Meg S said:

    My holiday tip is good skin! Do what you can to keep your skin looking healthy, and everything you put on top of it will look better. After those late night holiday parties, make sure you baby your skin before falling to sleep!

  57. 12.5.16
    Meegan said:

    My holiday tip is a bold lip and soft eyes! Everyone loves a bright red for the holidays!

  58. 12.5.16
    Meegan said:

    I follow you on Pinterest! User name: Meegan N

  59. 12.5.16
    Sara G said:

    My holiday beauty tip is to use highlighter, especially at evening functions!

  60. 12.5.16
    Sara G said:

    I followed on Pinterest. My username is : sarameowww80

  61. 12.5.16
    Adrienne K said:

    Holiday tip is to use/wear gold accessories to make any outfit more festive!

  62. 12.5.16
    Kate said:

    My favorite holiday beauty tip is to bring on the RED! Red lips, red nails! I love it, but don’t do it much the rest of the year!


  63. 12.5.16
    Kate said:

    I also follow you on pinterest! My username is omyheartkate

  64. 12.5.16
    Andrea Darst said:

    Make sure to remove your make up before bed each night, even though it’s the busy holiday season! Your skin will thank you!

  65. 12.5.16
    Andrea Darst said:

    Following on Pinterest as adarst213.

  66. 12.5.16
    emily said:

    My tip is to always wear matte lipstick to holiday parties so you don’t have to worry about reapplying between drinks and cookies
    pinterest: hautetorture

  67. 12.5.16
    Dina said:

    In holidays I use the same eye shadow as brow powder, eye shadow, and eyeliner; gotta be practical!

  68. 12.5.16
    Dina said:

    Pinterest: helensinkii

  69. 12.6.16
    Erika W. said:

    My tip is to add some highlighter above your cheekbones and don’t be afraid to wear some red lipstick!

  70. 12.6.16
    Erika W. said:

    I follow on Pinterest (kendall608).

  71. 12.7.16
    Rivka said:

    Lipstain. It’s magic.

  72. 12.7.16
    Asiah said:

    Holiday Tip: Apply moisturizer before you apply any makeup or primer.

    Pinterest: ayevrythng

  73. 12.8.16
    Edye said:

    My favorite holiday beauty tip is to use a makeup setting spray to help your makeup last all night long! 🙂

    Pinerest: edyenicole

  74. 12.10.16
    Lynne B said:

    For hooded eyes like mine, a bit of shimmery, silvery blue right in the middle of your lid makes your eyesseem bigger and makes them pop .

  75. 12.10.16
    Lynne B said:

    For hooded eyes like mine, a bit of shimmery, silvery blue right in the middle of your lid makes your eyes appear bigger and makes them pop.
    Pinterest: 1alwaysnyc1

  76. 12.10.16
    Rochelle said:

    My holiday beauty tip would be to glam up the eyes with some shimmery gold shadow and put some black in the crease to create a classy holiday smokey look.

    • 12.10.16
      Rochelle said:

      Pinterest UN: Rochelle_Denise

  77. 12.12.16
    Shannon said:

    I like to use a white shimmer powder over my eyeshadow for my holiday look. I also put clear glitter eyeliner over my black eyeliner. I followed on pinterest @shannono1982

  78. 12.15.16
    Alyssa Nash said:

    My favorite holiday beauty tip is be bold! try a sparkly cut crease during the holidays! it never fails!

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