10 Days in Spain: What I’m Packing

It’s official. The countdown is on! One week from today and we’ll be getting ready to head out for the first leg of our ten-day European getaway. We’re starting off in Ibiza then heading to Portugal for a few nights and ending our trip in Madrid. To say I am beyond excited would probably be an understatement.

Now, you might remember that I did a mini Spain trip last summer sort of last minute. We did two nights in Ibiza and two nights in Barcelona. It was amazing so I definitely can’t wait to spend even more time there this year with Brandon and some of our friends. We’re celebrating B’s 30th and another one of our friends who turns thirty on the 27th so it’s going to be too much fun and I really just can’t wait to get on the beach and rock a teeny bikini (all this hard work is paying off!)

This is probably the first time I haven’t been super involved in the planning process but since we’re going with such a large group, I know we’re going to have a blast no matter what we do. We have a list of things in each city that we are definitely going to do – day parties in Ibiza and a David Guetta concert – and I also know some days will just be a little more lowkey. I usually plan out my outfits based on an itinerary but this time around I’m just sort of planning to throw a bunch of swimsuits, dresses and coverups into my suitcase and make it work. Trying this approach to see if it works – spoiler, it probably won’t. I’m almost positive I’m definitely overpacking but what can ya do.

I’ve been picking up a few things here and there pretty much all month long but I thought I’d give a little preview of some of the items I’m taking on our adventure. I’ll try to keep this updated and will also share a try on session as we get closer to the trip with everything that made the cut!




  1. 7.25.18
    Tabitha said:

    Great post! I’m so excited to see pictures from your trip! My best advice for overpacking is taking thin, wrinkle free items that you can roll up. Best advice I ever got for packing.


  2. 7.25.18

    I am glad for you for the holiday trip you are planning in SPAIN and the best thing is that you are going with a bigger group, as they say, the more the merrier. Have Fun!

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